<p>Demo Center <span class="colored-text">Boxmeer</span></p>

Book your visit now <h2><strong>The point of impact</strong>  </h2> <p><span class="body"><strong>Welcome to the Boxmeer Demo Center, where you can experience how Marel innovations can impact your food production, staff knowledge and operational outcomes.</strong></span></p> <p>The Boxmeer Demo Center is dedicated to Marel’s further processing solutions. Your end product is our starting point and we offer a demonstration environment that simulates real production scenarios. At this demo center, we offer meat preparation, portioning, coating, heat treatment and sausage making equipment for the meat, fish and poultry industries. By mimicking a customer’s production plant, we create the ideal environment for demonstrations, product tests and trainings.</p>

Customized demonstrations

We offer you individual customized demonstrations that allow you to see firsthand how well Marel equipment creates products that fully satisfy your predetermined requirements. We can also provide an opportunity to run product testing and support of new product development, allowing your facility to focus on full production.

Our team of food technologists and product specialists invites you and your customers to experience for yourself what we have to offer.

At the Boxmeer Demo Center

  • You will meet our product specialists and food technologists who will explore the best solution for you
  • You have access to state-of-the-art facilities that simulate real plant conditions
  • You can discover how to maximize the quality, yield and throughput of your production

You can

  • Improve existing products and become more efficient, more sustainable and more profitable
  • Develop new products with our mutual knowledge and experience
  • Send in your products for tests and we can store your test products at the desired degree in freezer or cooler
  • Have us take care of all practical issues and order the products you would like to test
  • Be sure that your Marel contact person will be happy to assist you on the practical

Improve processing

  • Try out our equipment and software with hands-on tryouts where you can see the equipment in operation
  • Test the different solutions to see how they can support your business


You can train your teams at the Boxmeer Demo Center to best prepare them to run new equipment back home. The hands-on environment allows them to learn and experience different challenges without any interruption to your production.

In our training sessions, they have access to on site expertise that gives them in depth training and teaches them to use the new equipment. The training aims at upgrading the knowledge and qualifications of your maintenance and operations staff, as well as educating cleaning staff on the impact of their actions.

Minimize human error

New installations need to run efficiently from the start. Research has shown that over 75% of all unscheduled interruptions in food processing operations can be attributed directly to human error in the form of lack of familiarity with the processing equipment, incorrect operation, poor maintenance or carelessness. Our off-site employee training puts you in complete control of your equipment. We offer training delivered at a time convenient to you.

At the Boxmeer Demo Center

  • Employees learn how to contribute to the plant efficiency and reinforce best practices
  • Employees establish in-house expertise enabling fast resolution of minor issues
  • Employees gain the qualifications needed to take responsibility for improving production

You can

  • Make sure that site product knowledge is up to date
  • Increase equipment uptime and availability through daily checks
  • Optimize the performance, productivity and yield of your solution
  • Extend equipment lifetime and reduce damage, stoppages and costs

Train your staff

  • Employees are not distracted by other demands and gain full benefit from the training
  • Employees are educated on the impact of their actions, reducing risk of accidents


Marel runs exclusive industry events for the further processing industry at the demo center in Boxmeer. These unique events give processors the opportunity to discover how Marel’s industry leading products can help them organize their daily production and address the critical factors that affect raw material utilization, processing times, labor costs and food safety. The state-of-the-art demonstration and training center offers a relaxed atmosphere in which to meet with Marel specialists as well as industry colleagues from around the world.

At the Boxmeer Demo Center

  • You can explore our equipment and new software solutions
  • You gain valuable insights from our experts
  • You can acquire new knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere

You can

  • Experience hands-on demonstrations of the latest processing technology
  • See how Marel can help you improve your further processing operation
  • Attend demos, presentations and mingle with colleagues from around the word

Experience innovation in action

  • At special customer events
  • Live equipment demonstrations
  • Test equipment and products


The Demo Center Boxmeer focuses on Marel’s further processing solutions. At this facility, we offer meat preparation, portioning, coating, and heat treatment and sausage making equipment for the Meat, Fish and Poultry industries. By mimicking your production plant, we create the ideal environment for demonstrations, product tests and trainings. 

Our team of food technologists and product specialists invites you to experience for yourself what we have to offer. 

The Demo Center is located in Boxmeer and is easily accessible from Amsterdam Schiphol, Düsseldorf and Eindhoven Airport.

Handelstraat 3
5831 AV Boxmeer
the Netherlands
Tel. +31 586 122
Email: DemocenterFoodsystems@marel.com 

At the Demo Center Boxmeer 

  • We tailor the visit to your requirements
  • We offer 1000m2 of demo space
  • We offer freezing and cooling areas
  • We offer several meeting rooms, hosting 2-50 people

You can

  • Have a demo of the equipment you need
  • Bring your own raw material to test
  • Have custom training courses for your staff

Utilize state of the art facilities

  • For meetings, trainings and demonstrations
  • Enjoy lunch and/or dinner during your stay
  • All in a nice and relaxed atmosphere

Visit us - book a demo

The Boxmeer Demo Center is open all year and available for demos and visits when it suits your activities. You can book your visit through your regular Marel contact person. We will be happy to assist you on recommending accommodation as Marel has cooperation with various hotel chains in the Boxmeer area where you can stay.

At the Demo Center Boxmeer 

  • We take care of all preparations in connection to the visit
  • We can assist you with raw material to test, either store what you bring or procure what you need
  • We can supply both wet goods (meat mass) and dry goods (coating material and functional ingredients)

You can

Attend tailor made demos and training

For more information, contact your local contact person or us directly at: DemocenterFoodsystems@marel.com


Here you can find some of the most common question on the practical side of preparing for a demo.

What equipment is available for tests and training?

  • We can set up further processing equipment in our 1000 m2 demo halls. Our available equipment ranges from meat preparation, portioning, coating and heat treatment to sausage making equipment
  • We can simulate real plant conditions during the training

Where do we send our raw materials for testing?

Please send products to:

Marel Further Processing
Attn. Demo Center
Handelstraat 3
5831 AV Boxmeer
the Netherlands

When are you open for unloading?

The Boxmeer Demo Center is open for unloading:

  • Monday to Friday from 09.00 am to 5.00 pm

If needed special arrangements can be made outside these hours.

What is your freezer/cooler capacity?

We have three 32 m2 storage coolers:

  • Freezer set at -20 degrees Celsius
  • Freezer set at -4 degrees Celsius
  • Cooler set at +2 degrees Celsius

What loading equipment do you have?

We have:

  • A forklift that can lift up to 3,800 kg.
  • Certified loaders/unloaders
  • A loading/unloading ramp (dock) for lorries to drive directly to