Marel employee welfare

Every person counts

Our people drive our success

Every time our people collaborate, cooperate and communicate, they contribute to making Marel a world leader in food processing.

Our people make us the partner of choice for customers around the world. As we work together with food processors to transform the way food is processed, we understand the importance of individual representation and inclusion at work.

We come from a myriad of cultural, geographical, professional and personal backgrounds, and we respect and encourage this diversity.

Just as we connect a series of high-tech products to create smarter factories, Marel’s value comes from the sum of its parts – its people.

I love working at Marel because I know that my job is important and my ideas matter.

Adel Benedikt Sayari


Our people

Our people

Our team of around 7,000 people is spread across six continents and we’re still growing.

We have different backgrounds, skills and roles, but we share the vision of transforming food processing and preserving the planet’s resources.

Our mission to provide high-tech food processing solutions is a creative, collaborative journey. And we've only just begun.

Marel cultural diversity

Our culture

We foster a culture of diversity and inclusion. Incorporating diverse perspectives is essential for everyone’s well-being and for our success as a company.

We’re committed to non-discriminatory hiring, providing equal pay for equal work, promoting a healthy work-life balance and preventing workplace bullying.

We actively encourage employees to further their professional and personal education, training and experience.

To ensure accountability, we collect data on equality measures and use the results to see what’s working and where we need to improve.

The Marel team is made up of passionate and courageous people, united by a common purpose and shared vision.

Arni Oddur Thordarson


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Our leadership

The women and men that make up Marel’s Board of Directors and Executive Team come from a range of backgrounds and bring a wealth of diverse experience to our leadership team.

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Join our team

We hire enthusiastic people who can combine teamwork with ingenuity to keep our position as a leader in food processing technology.

We promote a dynamic, innovative work culture where every person is valued and given every opportunity to thrive.

We’re committed to diversity and inclusion, and to constantly improving these qualities of our workplace.

If you’re right for the job, we want you here at Marel. We can grow together.