Safety is the number one priority for Algas

StreamLine lifts breast fillet inspection to new levels

Streamline Poultry Workstation

“Safety in its broadest possible sense is our number one priority”, the words of Szczepan Szatan, owner of the Polish processor Algas. In Marel’s StreamLine, he found a better and safer way of checking breast fillets.

Szczepan Szatan continues, “When we revamped our cutting and deboning operation last summer, we were looking for a better way of checking mechanically harvested breast fillet for residual bone, cartilage, blood spots and fat. We wanted to do the job supremely safely, reducing both the number of trimmers and the amount of valuable breast meat needlessly cut away. What was even more important to us was to be able to monitor real-time the performance of each trimmer. In this way, we could reward good work and incentivize our trimmers to keep on improving, a win-win situation for Algas, for our employees and for our customers. We therefore decided to buy a Marel StreamLine system.”

Streamline flexibility

StreamLine is an intelligent, modular conveyor-based system for manually deboning whole broilers or broiler components into a wide variety of deboned products. It can also be used, as at Algas, for inspecting and trimming meat, which has been mechanically deboned. Raw material is fed automatically to operatives at their work stations. The number of work stations will depend on throughput and the jobs to be done and can be increased at any time. Work stations are ergonomically designed, so that operatives can do their job comfortably without bending or stretching. Each work station can have up to three pockets for finished material. Trim is dropped through a hole onto a trim conveyor running the length of the system. Weigh scales at the beginning and end of the system weigh all raw input material and all finished product and trim. Finished product can be checked at a Quality Control station at the end of the system.

Checking and motivating

StreamLine is controlled by Innova software. This allows the performance of each operative to be monitored real-time and will display key KPIs such as throughput, yield, give-away and efficiency. It will even establish the performance of each operative, so that raw material is always fed at the correct rate for that operative at that time. StreamLine is an excellent tool for making the best possible use of raw material and optimizing product quality. It is also ideal for training, managing and, most importantly, for motivating manual deboners and trimmers to do an even better job.


Algas People

Szczepan Szatan (Owner Algas) and Tomasz Chojnowski (Account Manager Marel Poultry)

Expectations exceeded

Szczepan Szatan continues, “We use StreamLine to trim and sort breast fillet into “A” grade and downgrade. We have been delighted by the results. The amount of trim is down by 30% and, because StreamLine really motivates our trimmers and gives us a degree of control and oversight we didn’t have before, trimming performance has jumped by between 25 and 40%. We can now inspect up to 4,000 kg [8818 lbs] per hour, even more than was guaranteed by Marel.”

Finishing touch

After the StreamLine, graded breast fillet passes through a Marel SensorX machine, which will detect any residual bone or other unwelcome contaminant. This is completely in line with the Algas commitment to the highest standards of product safety. A Custom Grader for sorting breast fillet into individual sizes finishes off the Marel installation. Szczepan Szatan is also happy with the help and advice he has received from Marel. He concludes, “With StreamLine we are sure that we are now getting the right information on our yields, on our employees and on the process. We are so satisfied that we are already discussing our next project with Marel.

“We are now getting the right information on our yields, on our employees and on the process.”

Szczepan Szatan

Szczepan Szatan
Owner Algas

About Algas

Algas is a second-generation family business based in Dabrowa Gornicza close to the Southern Polish city of Katowice. The company first started processing poultry in 1997. It now has its own farms, processing, further processing and freezing plants. Its latest processing plant built in 2010 has been extended and updated several times since. It is currently able to process and cut up to 550,000 broilers per week over ten shifts. Algas markets both whole birds and a wide variety of cut and deboned products. These are sold fresh or deepfrozen, calibrated or fixed weight, bulk or in vacuum or modified atmosphere retail packs. Algas customers in Poland include international supermarket chains, wholesalers, other manufacturers and quick-service restaurants. The company also exports, mainly to other countries in the EU.


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