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Salmones Camanchaca installed their first Marel Filleting Machine (MS 2730) in 2016 with excellent results and will install their second Marel filleting line in 2018.

Salmones Camanchaca is a salmon producer based in the Bio Bio region of Los Lagos Aysén. In 2016 they installed their first Marel salmon filleting machine (MS2730) with excellent results, and they are installing a second Marel filleting line in 2018.

Better processing results

It was when Camanchaca was looking to increase yield, throughput and quality, as well as simplify the filleting process, that they made the decision to invest in Marel equipment.

“We invested in a Marel filleting line to improve our processing results. We have experienced an improvement of around 30% in productivity since the installation, with at least a 1% gain in yield,” explains Jorge Fernández, CEO at Camanchaca.

“In the beginning, we hadn’t planned on upgrading our filleting equipment, but when we got to know the MS 2730 Filleting Machine from Marel, with greater automation and the most interesting solutions to face the future, we decided in 2015 to change the process and made Marel our main supplier for plant equipment”, he adds.

Jorge says that the company recognizes the value of investing in a whole filleting line, rather than buying individual standalone units. “In this way, we keep waste to a minimum and we gain the most in yield. We like it so much that our idea now is to equip two more of our plants with Marel equipment.”

Camanchaca now uses Marel equipment for all their processes from deheading to fillet distribution, and enjoy greater efficiency and easy cleaning in addition to better control of the performance.

High quality salmon

In addition to obtaining greater yield and throughput, benefits of the new lines include more advanced trimming, greater precision and less handling – which adds up to better quality end products.

Camanchaca has always had a strong reputation for producing high-quality salmon and other products. With the Marel filleting line, Camanchaca has further enhanced the quality of its salmon products by reducing handling and improving trimming. “The quality of the product is much better because the Marel solution with its automatic MS2730 Filleting Machine ensures gentler treatment of the product,” says Jorge.

Ready for the future

With the filleting line from Marel—the first of its kind in Chile—Camanchaca has raised the bar for excellence in salmon processing in Chile and is recognized as operating with the very latest technology. The equipment has helped them capitalize even more on their existing strengths as well as streamline the process and increase daily production.

In keeping with the company’s hi-tech approach, Camanchaca has also invested in Innova Food Processing Software that will be installed later in 2018. The software appealed to them as an integral solution that will provide everything needed in just one unit – including all the information for products, batches, yield and traceability.

The software was also appealing as part of a solution that would put them in the best position for the future. As Jorge explains, “The Innova concept, with the ability to control and monitor the processing in real time, was a key factor in our decision to choose Marel as our supplier.”

The value of service and training

Better processing results were not the only reason Camanchaca went with Marel. As Jorge explains, “It was also because of the service, and the commitment from Marel.”

This commitment is very important to the company. “We need to know that the equipment is very reliable, but also that Marel will respond quickly and efficiently in case of any problem,” says Jorge.

The high quality of training is especially important during installation, both to ensure the equipment is performing as well as it can, and to ensure employees adapt to the new processes and recognize their value. “As expected, the installation took time and presented some challenges, but it was well programmed and the technical assistance from Marel was good,” says Jorge.

Perhaps the biggest challenge has been their people’s resistance to change, given the high level of technology of the Marel equipment. “It’s a big change for our people,” Jorge explains, “but Marel has provided very good training and we sent two of our technicians to Europe for further training as well.”

The partnership with Marel

Marel has two offices in Chile and supplies many Chilean fish processors with equipment and software. Camanchaca was also familiar with the company from attending Marel’s Salmon ShowHow in Copenhagen and other industry exhibitions such as the Brussels Expo. Once they had decided to invest in Marel, they also visited European processing facilities to see various configurations of Marel equipment in action.

The commitment from Marel was important to Camanchaca. “A key benefit was the commitment that Marel offered in the whole process. It was a strategic choice to have Marel as our partner to ensure better solutions for our fish processing plants. Actually, our contract with Marel serves as a master plan for all our processing needs with training,” Jorge concludes.

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