New high-speed secondary process for Drobex

Leading Polish poultry integrator re-equips with latest Marel systems


"To thrive in today’s immensely competitive environment we had no choice but to expand and become more efficient. Investment in a state-of-the-art secondary process was unavoidable if we were to continue meeting the ever more challenging requirements of our major customers.” These are the words of Agnieszka Frischke Kazmierczak, General Director of PD Drobex. Discussions on upgrading the secondary process to 13,500 bph [225 bpm] began two years ago and the project was commissioned last autumn.

In the new department, products are automatically transferred from the in-line air chiller to a single 13,500 bph [225 bpm] preselection line equipped with a SmartWeigher. This transmits the weight of each individual product to Innova software, which, programmed by plant management, determines how products are handled in the downstream process. Most products are fed automatically to two ACM-NT cut-up systems; one for lighter, the other for heavier products. Some products are released whole. These are either cut manually into customerspecific portions or packed whole in vacuum packs. Breasts are deboned on six AMF breast filleting systems.

Fillets to be sold in retail proceed to a RoboBatcher, which batches them onto trays. Multihead Weighers assemble thighs and drumsticks into fixed weight batches. Marel I-Cut 122 portion cutters cut inner breast fillets into identical portions for customers in the catering sector.

Why Marel?

Agnieszka answers, “We chose Marel because they impressed us with their professionalism. As is usual with such an important large project, many layouts were prepared over a longer period of time. There were many meetings and lots of discussions. At no stage was Marel demotivated by our changes of mind. They remained flexible, supportive and keen to find the best solution for us. It also helped that my father had always been an admirer of Stork equipment. Quite simply, we wanted the best in-line process available and Marel Poultry convinced us.”

ACM-NT is top notch!

Agnieszka continues, “Our project is now fact. We have largely achieved our goals. We've been particularly impressed by our ACM-NT cut-up systems. Innova intelligence means that we can now run different cutting regimes simultaneously. This gives us complete control, flexibility and saves us time. If necessary, we can now turn an order round in less than six hours, something impossible in the past.” ACM-NT has also impressed with its accuracy of cutting. This has been a particular advantage when cutting wing portions for a particularly demanding catering customer. Not only do these have to be cut from products within a very specific weight range, they also have to be cut in a very special way; no problem at all for ACM-NT. Agnieszka again, “Your ACM systems are really top notch!”


Tomasz Chojnowski, Sales Manager Marel Poultry and Agnieszka Frischke Kazmierczak, General Director of PD Drobex

No better alternative than AMF

Marel Poultry's AMF breast deboning systems have also impressed. Drobex operates six of these, two of which are to the latest AMF-i specification and feed a RoboBatcher system. Agnieszka comments, “With the AMF systems, our filleting performance is much better than it used to be. We have absolutely no regrets and wouldn't choose a different system if we had to do it all over again. We're very satisfied.”

The best is still to come

Agnieszka concludes, “It is still early days. With time I'm sure that we'll get even more benefits from the Marel poultry equipment. And I know that Marel will be right there with us. The company has really good specialists and deals with problems efficiently. Together, we'll ensure that we continue to implement the Drobex mission statement, which is to produce safe, healthy and tasty food which satisfies the palates of our customers both at home in Poland and abroad.”

About Drobex

The Frischke family has been in the poultry business for over 50 years. Drobex itself was founded in 1987. Today, the Drobex Group, a vertical integration that remains solely in family hands, consists of multiple companies responsible for the live bird, for the production of feed and for processing, further processing and distribution. The company, one of Poland’s leading chicken businesses, is based in Solec Kujawski near the city of Bydgoszcz and has plants in Solec and Bydgoszcz. Drobex produces a complete range of fresh and frozen chicken products. It also has a wide range of cut, smoked and sausage products, many to traditional tasty Polish recipes. The company supplies most local supermarket chains, the catering sector and a well-known international fast-food chain. Drobex products are exported to many countries in the European Union and to markets in Africa and Asia.

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