, Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Middle East Poultry Expo 2023

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Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - A45

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During Middle East Poultry Expo 2023, you will get acquainted with Marel’s innovative and intelligent poultry solutions, developed to add more value to your processes and help your business become more adaptable, efficient and profitable.

Middle East Poultry Expo 2023


During the Middle East Poultry Expo, Marel will be represented by AACE (Arabian Agriculture Consulting & Engineering) at booth A45.
As a full-line solution provider for the poultry industries, Marel is committed to helping Arabian processors of all sizes optimize yield, quality and throughput across the entire value chain to stay ahead of the competition. Marel addresses themes which apply to modern poultry production in the Middle East, such as:

  • Become less labor-dependent by increasing automation
  • Make maximum use of raw material, resulting in highest profitability
  • How to manage your water process? 

Poultry processing plants in the Middle East are growing in size and therefore industrialization will increase too. No matter your plant’s capacity, you will find just the right level of automation in our modular solutions such as:

  • Evisceration and giblet harvesting
  • Batching and grading solutions with Multihead Weigher and SmartLine Grader
  • Further Processing
  • Water Treatment

Middle East Expo
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Experts from Marel’s poultry industry, including Pieter van Cleef, will be on hand to answer your questions. On behalf of AACE, Giuseppe Caspanni and Rayan Aldawood will be available. They will introduce to you some of our most intelligent and efficient equipment and provide you with detailed advice and comprehensive support.

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