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We are celebrating our 40th anniversary by offering a special promotion on the equipment that started it all—our scales.

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You can be confident that a Marel scale will withstand the harshest environments without any compromise in weighing accuracy. The scales are designed especially for the food industry and are robust, highly stable and capable of enduring decades of daily use.

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Why buy a Marel scale?


Lasts for decades


High performance – day in, day out


Precision weighing at high speed

Great value

Lowest total cost of ownership

Sustainable processing

The longer lifecycle of a Marel scale not only gives you clear economic advantages but also environmental benefits. It's a more sustainable product resulting in less environmental impact.

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Industry-leading 7-year warranty on Marel bench scales

A safe investment

At Marel, we stand behind the quality of our products. All our bench scales are designed and built to the highest manufacturing standards. It is this exceptional quality that gives us the confidence to offer the longest warranty in the industry. All M1100-M2400 models now include a seven-year warranty.

M1100 indicator, simple interface

Unbeatable speed and accuracy

If your processing requires fast, stable and reliable weighing, we have the perfect solution for you. Our extensive range of precision scales can accurately register and record weights in 0.5–1 sec. With minimal maintenance, calibration lasts for years, and scales conform to all legal requirements.

Marel Scale For Fish Processing M1100

Lowest cost of ownership

Designed for minimal maintenance and with low operating costs throughout its extensive lifetime, a Marel scale has one of the lowest total cost of ownership on the market. It quite simply gives you greater value for longer.

Connect and optimize

Marel scales pack powerful features into a conveniently small space. They are suitable as stand-alone installations or offer full connectivity options as part of a complete food production management system. External devices can easily be connected, including a range of printers, barcode readers and labeling equipment. Additionally, scales can be integrated into computer networks connecting to Innova production management software.

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If your processing requires fast, stable and reliable weighing, we have the perfect solution for you.

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