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Understanding Marel

Take a moment to learn more about Marel’s innovative, technology-based approach, that has placed us at the forefront of the food processing industry. At Marel, our vision is of a world where quality food is produced sustainably and affordably. Marel is a pure play supplier of advanced and high-end processing equipment, full-line solutions and software and services to the poultry, meat and fish industries. In partnership with our customers, we are transforming the way food is processed. We work in close partnership with producers that are looking to increase the overall level of automation, food quality and traceability.

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Our business model

Taking an innovative, high-tech approach has placed Marel in the forefront of the food processing equipment industry. As a leader in the field, we provide advanced food processing equipment, systems, software and services for the fish, meat and poultry industries around the world. Our business model is based on maintaining a good balance between our industry segments, business mix and geographical operations.

Our legacy

Marel traces its origins to a project at the University of Iceland that began in 1977 and led to a group of engineers founding the company in 1983. Marel quickly made its mark in the fish processing industry with the development of motion-compensating onboard scales.

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Our strategy

Marel is a growth company. For the period 2017-2026 Marel has set a target of 12% average annual increase in revenues, through both organic growth and acquisitions. Our growth plan involves capitalizing on our strong innovation investment to drive expansion and market penetration. We will also focus on strategic partnerships and acquisitions to fill gaps in the value chain, and to augment our full-line product offering.

Capital Markets Day

Marel welcomed over 100 investors, analysts and market participants to its 2019 Capital Markets Day held at its innovation and manufacturing facility in the Netherlands on 2 May 2019.

Capital Markets Day

Customer stories

Create better quality convenience products with the Marel RevoPortioner 1000 low-pressure food forming machine
OSI Germany added Marel’s RevoPortioner 1000 to its food processing production line, increasing capacity and quality of chicken nuggets
QPLC Technicians
Erin Mcguinness Hazeldenes
IMPAQT Factory Tablet
Arie Manuel Changchun Yunken
I Cut 11 Whitefish 019
Tyson People
Calisa People IPPE
Flexicut whitefish
Walt Shafer
Laszlo Barany
Vibra Group Brasil Eugenio Canova De Castro.1

"With this Marel solution, we have opened the door to the future."

Luc Hecker, Innovation and Process Development Manager


"We decided to install the RevoPortioner 1000 because there are very few forming machines on the market that can meet our production requirements."

Juergen Wehner, Plant Manager

OSI Food Solutions Germany

“It is the Marel machines in the evisceration area, which have made the biggest difference for us.”

Gary Raya, processing plant manager


"São Salvador Alimentos appreciated to have found in Marel not just a processing line supplier, but above all a technological partner."

Frank Regouin

Marel Industry Sales Manager

"Innova has moved us from a reactive business in the past to a proactive business."

Erin McGuinness


"Monitoring of the processing lines where we use IMPAQT is much better."

Robert Duda


“Products are of a superior quality. We see Marel as being the top.”

Naif Aladhyani

Arasco, Saudi Arabia

"Marel and the Yunken Group will keep cooperating to achieve a win-win situation for both parties in future development.”

Zhao Xiaoguang, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Yunken Group

“The machine automates the weighing and portion-cutting processes and achieves accurate fixed-weight portions; a result that you simply can’t achieve with manual cutting.”

Guilherme Blanke, CEO Noronha Pescados

"It is unbelievable how much we’ve improved our process, quality and yield. We are very happy with the results."

Federico Carro Lazarini

Tyson Foods Europe, Oosterwolde

“All these Marel systems will help us maintain the highest standards of product presentation and taste.”

Augusto Motta

Motta Group, Argentina

“We have always achieved high quality results, and our customers seem even happier with our quality since we installed the new Marel equipment.”

Vladimir Zagorovskiy, Director General of the factory

Polar Sea+

“The results of the AMF-i HD kits are beyond expectation.”

Walt Shafer, Chief Operations Officer

Lincoln Premium Poultry

“Moving to 15,000 bph also gave us the opportunity of eliminating bottlenecks and making production easier.”

László Bárány

Master Good

"We could test the technology of a wide variety of products and we got very professional technical explanations."

Eugênio Canova de Castro, Industrial Director

Vibra Group

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