A journey into high-tech fish processing

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The video ‘From the sea to the supermarket: a journey into high-tech fish processing’ is an insightful look at how new technologies are constantly transforming the way we process fish.

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Just a couple of decades ago, it would have been difficult to predict the important role of x-rays and 3D lasers in a typical processing facility.

Today, fish processing is a high-tech industry that uses advanced systems and software to get the fish from the sea to the supermarket in an incredibly short time. In only a few hours, fresh catch is processed, packed and shipped to consumers around the world.

In just under four minutes, this video outlines the key advantages of new technologies through different stages of the value chain.

From the algorithms that control grading and sorting, to the x-rays and laser vision systems that scan fillets to ensure bone-free quality and make smart decisions about how to portion, to individual monitoring, traceability throughout production and advanced packing systems that pack fish products to orders.

All this is made possible using technology that once seemed wildly imaginative, if not impossible, but now controls the fish processing floor.

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