Across the whole value chain at the Seafood ShowHow


Marel’s three-day Seafood ShowHow in Seattle offers guests a unique experience with live demonstrations of Marel fish processing equipment and systems. The event will take place at Pier 91, Seattle, 14 to 19 November 2018.

Seafood ShowHow

Every year, Marel opens its doors to customers at Pier 91 in Seattle, giving them a unique experience of the latest seafood processing technology.

Four days of live demonstrations of equipment and systems, guest speakers, and virtual reality experiences will include a customer appreciation reception on the Friday afternoon.

Turnkey processing solutions

Marel’s advanced equipment and customized integrated systems for processing salmon and whitefish, both onboard and ashore, will be in the spotlight at this year’s Seafood ShowHow.

Marel’s manufacturing sites around the world deliver the latest technology in advanced equipment and integrated systems for processing whitefish, salmon, and other seafood.

The showhow gives guests the chance to see first-hand how Marel’s turnkey solutions can help them meet today’s production challenges and optimize processing performance.

Salmon opportunities

With this year’s busy wild salmon season, processors are already aware of the advantages of Marel’s complete wild salmon solutions – across the whole processing value chain.

There has been a significant increase in salmon filleting in particular, and one of the demonstration highlights in Seattle will be a filleting machine that’s ideal for Alaska salmon.

The filleting machine has already set new standards of filleting with automatic back and belly trimming that reduces the need for manual trimming. A new automatic infeed improves overall filleting quality by ensuring the fish enter the machine at a steady pace and in the correct position for cutting.


Other highlights this year include batching of frozen portions, automatic quality control scanning, automatic pinboning and portioning for whitefish, and food processing software that enables full production control.

Innova Food Processing Software is an integral part of the equipment on display and the event will show how the software can further add value to fish production.

Open house: Friday 16 November

The open house reception is always a high-point of the event, where Marel takes the opportunity to celebrate the event and let customers know how much they are appreciated. It also gives both local processors and those from further afield a chance to network over drinks and snacks in Marel’s demo space at Pier 91.

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