An exciting display of advanced fish processing technology in Seattle

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Marel will host Demo Days at its Pier 91 facility in Seattle, Washington, 20-22 November 2019.

This open-house event for fish processors features demonstrations of the latest technology from Marel. A wide range of equipment and software will be on display including filleting, pinboning, portion cutting, slicing, grading, batching, end-of-line and key technology solutions.

Demonstration highlights

Visit Demo Days to explore Innova production control software for the integration of software with equipment. Through dashboards and reports, information becomes easy to understand, enabling real-time decision-making.

Marel’s new and improved Compact Grader, also on display, performs accurate grading and is easy to install and operate.

Other demo highlights include the CT 2630 and MS 2730 Filleting Machines, reducing the need for manual trimming and ensuring maximum yield; exact-weight, high-yield portion cutting on our I-Cut 11 and I-Cut 130 PortionCutters; and the Flake Ice Machine SAH 500 from MAJA with integrated air-cooled condensing unit.

Marel experts and industry product specialists at the event

Fish processors can stop by or make an appointment with Marel specialists ahead of time to discuss a wide range of topics including: increasing production volume in the same amount of space, ensuring product/food safety, increasing automation and gaining full traceability.

Local transportation

The second and third day of Seattle Demo Days overlap with the Pacific Marine Expo just 15 minutes away, and Marel will provide free transportation between these two events.

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