Automation is king with the new Kingfish Filleting Machine

The MS 2730 continues to transform the way fish is processed with the world’s first automated kingfish filleting machine

Kingfish Filleting Machine MS 2730K

Marel has adapted the reliable MS 2730 to efficiently fillet kingfish and automate a task that relies heavily on skilled labor

Until now, kingfish filleting has been a task along the fish processing line that has been done by hand that has cost processors a significant amount of money, resources and time. It is a physically demanding task that depends heavily on the expertise and alertness of operators. To address this, Marel has developed the Kingfish Filleting Machine MS 2730K that automates the process and facilitates a much more efficient production line.

A need for automation

Filleting large fish by hand increases the waste of valuable raw material and can slow a production line down. Automating the filleting process not only increases the yield, throughput and efficiency of production it also reduces labor costs, risks of human contamination and product damage. It is also a job that has become difficult to fill due to a labor shortage. The Kingfish Filleting Machine MS 2730K automates the labor-intensive task and efficiently processes a large volume in a short period of time to deliver high-quality fillets.

Kingfish on ice

A strong legacy

The MS 2730 has been one of our best-selling machines, delivering exceptional products and satisfied customers for over a decade. It is a reputable and reliable solution that is well-known and loved by our customers. Built originally for salmon filleting, we have adapted and adjusted the machine to the appropriate size and shape to process kingfish efficiently.

How it works

Thanks to its compact design, the Kingfish Filleting Machine is a sturdy and reliable solution that takes up little space on the processing floor. It also integrates easily with other Marel equipment. Operators can easily and safely control the machine with a multilingual color touch screen.

With a built-in system that measures the profile and size, the MS 2730K automatically adjusts the electronically controlled cutting tools according to each unique fish and, depending on the length, processes up to 25 fish per minute. This level of automation equates to higher throughput, quality and yield.

The environmental impact of the MS 2730K is kept to a minimum due to the machine’s low energy and water consumption. Uptime of the machine is ensured thanks to Marel’s onsite and remote service support.

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