Bone detection in fish processing


SensorX is making a real impact in the fish industry, as Einar Sigurdsson, Product Manager for x-ray bone detection solutions at Marel, explains in this micro-interview.

“After years of success in the poultry processing industry, SensorX is starting to shape bone detection standards in the fish industry too. Detecting bones in fish is more challenging than in poultry or beef since the bones are often much thinner and less calcified, but the value lies in detecting and removing the critical bones – those that pose a threat to consumers,” says Einar Sigurdsson, Product Manager for x-ray bone detection solutions at Marel.

“The bone detection performance of SensorX Fish has been increasing in recent years with continuous software improvements, and for some time now it has consistently been performing at such a level that it has proven it can detect most if not all critical bones.”

“SensorX has a significant impact on fish processing results and product quality. It has increased the value of our customers’ products and decreased bone complaints significantly, sometimes managing to eliminate bones altogether.”

Consistency is key at Espersen

European fish producer Espersen is one of the world’s leading cod producers supplies many large retail customers, such as McDonald's, and the high quality of its products is internationally recognized.

“Once they’d installed SensorX, the management at Espersen reached the same conclusion we had: that good bone detection is about detecting the critical bones consistently, even more than it is about finding all the bones. As more and more fish producers make this realization, I think we can expect an increased growth for bone detection in fish in the coming years.”

Einar Sigurdsson has worked with food processing companies all around the world to improve the quality and safety of their products by helping them integrate the SensorX bone detection solution and Innova Food Processing Software into their production process.

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