Create convenience products with even more added value


The latest additions to our portfolio of further processing technologies help you create an even wider variety of convenience products with exceptional added value.

Consumer demand for convenience products is on the rise. In addition to products such as schnitzels and hamburgers, consumers want more variation in flavors and appearance.

To meet this demand, producers of convenience products need to be able to produce a limited number of high volume products, as well as a wide variety of low volume products.

Our convenience solutions combine high production capacity with the flexibility to produce a variety of end-products, without compromising product quality.

RevoPortioner with Helix drum

The production of convenience products all starts with the RevoPortioner producing perfectly portioned products at low pressure while retaining the texture and structure of the raw material. Products always have the desired shape, weight and size, are of consistent quality and exactly according to the customer's specification.

Revoportioner forming nuggets

New coating equipment

Presentation plays a key factor in the consumer’s choice of product, so it is of vital importance to get your coating right when producing convenience products. Coating influences yield and will largely determine the appearance and bite of an end-product. The options for possible coatings are numerous. Will your choice be pre-dust, wet or dry coating, or rather a combination of these steps?

The coating process depends on the end-product you want to produce. Regardless of which coating you choose, we can supply the appropriate system for virtually all types of coatings, to make every conceivable coated end-product.

Laying the foundation

Our Active Flour Applicator, Active Batter Applicator and Active Tempura Applicator lay the ideal foundation for a flawless layer of crumb. Flouring is a common first step in dry-coating. The fine layer of flour that is applied to the mass serves as a binder to allow other coatings to adhere better. Subsequently, a layer of batter will ensure that breading fully adheres to the product.

The Active Batter Applicator and Active Tempura Applicator provide an excellent distribution of batter over products, can remove and reuse excess batter, and are suitable for a wide range of capacities.

Both wet-coating solutions, the Active Batter Applicator and Active Tempura Applicator, have the option to create an active bottom bed, a unique feature that positions a product directly in the batter when entering the machine.

This results in a perfectly even coverage of both the top and the bottom of the products. Improved control over the amount of crumb that is added to a product, also referred to as pick-up, and the ability to handle thicker batter at high-speed allows processors to produce a substantial volume of high-quality products in a shorter amount of time.

Master the art of coating with RevoCrumb

The new RevoCrumb system produces perfectly coated products with optimum crumb distribution over all surfaces of the product. With an innovative crumb-management system, producers can control the flow of coarse and fine crumbs to the top or bottom bed. The crumb-management system ensures optimum coverage that meets the customers’ requirements.

RevoCrumb has a built-in transport mechanism featuring a revolving water-wheel that carefully transfers the crumb, unlike the more commonly used grinding augers. As the RevoCrumb does not grind or crush crumbs, the crumb structure remains intact during processing, making the solution particularly suitable for delicate crumbs such as cornflakes and panko.


New dual-mode RevoBreader

The all-new RevoBreader is a flexible machine that offers a flatbed and drum-mode all in one system. Switching from one mode to another is easy. In the flatbed position, the RevoBreader guides products through a bottom bed of crumb, while covering the top layer of the product with a gently falling layer of crumb.

The result is high-quality, uniformly coated products. In the drum position, a high pick-up of crumb and optimum home-style coverage of the product is guaranteed, and you can be certain of high retention of crumb to the product during the frying process.

An attractive golden finish

Frying is an important step in your production process. The coating is fixed and your products acquire their attractive, golden crispy finish and taste. Frying contributes to food safety, product quality, taste, presentation and prolonged shelf life.

Our GoldFryer allows you to deep or flash fry your products at consistent, high standards. Our fryers are equipped with a highly sophisticated oil management system for extended oil life. Therefore, it achieves a better yield.

Convenience food production frying process

Turn up the heat

Cooking is another form of heat treatment that can add value to your products. We offer a line of ovens with high-grade steaming, cooking and grilling capabilities. Our LinearOven, SpiralOven and ModularOven are equipped to enable you to control core temperature, color, crispiness and flavor to perfection, without compromising on strict food safety requirements and yield.


For centralized process control, our convenience line can be connected to Innova Food Processing Software. Innova allows you to control and monitor your process and gain insight into the production line’s effectiveness. It also provides real-time data for performance monitoring and lets you maximize yield and throughput, while complying with the strictest food safety, quality and traceability standards.

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