Create numerous burger types using just one small, flexible machine

Revoportioner Forming Burgers

Would you like to have one machine capable of making all the different types of burgers that your customers are requesting? The PremiumFormer now makes that possible. It lets you change quickly and easily between forming different types of fresh burgers while ensuring quality and consistency in texture, shape and weight.

Perfectly formed burgers every time

The PremiumFormer has interchangeable molds, making it possible to produce burgers of different shapes and weight. It uses ultra-low pressure to retain the structure and preserve the texture of the meat mass. This ensures every burger has a high-quality appearance and shrinkage is kept to a minimum when the burger is cooked.

Burgers Different Forms

Texture makes the taste experience

Appearance is not the only thing that defines a burger. Another main differentiator is texture. It is a determining factor in the overall taste experience.

The PremiumFormer can easily create burgers with different kinds of texture. The standard burger is typically pressed and without a clear fiber orientation. The home-style and tender-fresh burgers have fibers, which are oriented vertically. In the butcher burger, fibers are interlaced, which creates angel hair burgers.

Simple integration and operation

Due to its compact footprint, the PremiumFormer will fit seamlessly into practically any production facility. It is also simple to operate and changeovers are quick and easy.

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