Dicing fresh or frozen, solutions to meet your needs

Dicers as a addition to the Marel Cutting portfolio

Diced Beef Butcher

When you need to dice, strip or grate fresh and frozen blocks and bulk goods of meat, fish, or cheese, the combined portfolio of Marel and TREIF delivers maximum flexibility and increased throughput to processors of all sizes.

Treif Shoarma

A variety of standalone solutions offer extraordinary versatility to butcheries and commercial kitchens that need to produce multiple product lines with the smallest possible footprint. Smaller producers can quickly meet customers' changing demands without sacrificing high end-product quality. All solutions have an easy-to-clean hygienic design enabling quick product changeover, while ergonomically adjustable product feed ensures efficient and comfortable loading.

TWISAN Product Infeed

Mid and large-scale industry processors can seamlessly integrate dicing solutions into their processing lines. Increase throughput and minimize product handling with no pre-cutting. Weight-accurate batching minimizes giveaway and improves yield when cutting fresh or frozen products into small end-products. Advanced software options enable real-time data collection and full product traceability for optimal control.

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Whether cutting for dishes from goulash to stir fry, Marel and TREIF's expanded portfolio has a dicing solution to suit your needs.

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