Flexible deboning with DeboFlex

Deboflex 2

The pork industry has embraced the groundbreaking method of hanging deboning offered by our DeboFlex.

The DeboFlex uses an overhead conveyor fitted with special rotatable carriers to transport pork fore-ends and legs in a controlled flow past workstations where individual deboning tasks are carried out. 

Hanging deboning of pork fore-ends and/or legs using DeboFlex means lower labor costs, higher yield, better product quality and longer shelf life. It also enables processors to optimize carcass utilization. 

A system with numerous benefits

In the DeboFlex system, there is no product-to-product contact and far less cross-contaminating hand-to-product contact than in table deboning systems. Product moves through the system in a controlled way and primals and trim fall into bins or onto a takeaway conveyor system.

As the product is firmly gripped in the shackle of the system minimal effort is required from the operator to separate meat from the bone. Combined with ideal product presentation, this ensures maximum yield. 

The DeboFlex system optimizes logistics and intelligently helps processors maximize added value of the different products. Perfect positioning, attention to operator ergonomics and more “knife in meat” time translate into higher yield, improved product quality and greater line efficiency. 

Intralogistics for efficiency

As part of the DeboFlex it is also possible to integrate an intralogistics system for easy and efficient product and crate distribution. Open floor space is valuable for processing purposes and for operator efficiency. Hence an integrated crate logistics system and supply of empty crates via overhead conveyors is often a clever solution to a limited floor space availability.

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