Global customer support through Covid-19


Ulrika Lindberg, Executive Vice President of Global Markets and Service at Marel explains three key initiatives Marel is undertaking in order to ensure the best possible service for customers through the challenging situation posed by the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus.

A need as urgent as ever

“Today, the demand and supply of food is more important than ever. We at Marel, in partnership with our customers and long-term partners play an essential role in meeting this urgent need,” says Ulrika in a video message to customers.

Innova Software Processing Plant

Three specific initiatives to support customers

Ulrika explains three specific initiatives Marel is currently undertaking to that end. They include re-organizing our manufacturing sites to ensure the safety of employees as well as business continuity, continuously monitoring the supply of manufacturing goods and spare parts and increasing our safety stock, and thirdly, setting up a structure to offer remote support to both our service engineers and to customers directly.

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