How optimized deboning and trimming is transforming meat processing

Hanging deboning and intelligent trimming are maximizing time and value for meat processors

Deboflex Pork Trimming Line

Marel’s DeboFlex and StreamLine are helping meat processors around the world to improve their production and increase traceability

Meat processors across the globe are looking to optimize the flow of their processes, increase automation, and implement product tracking and traceability. The scarcity of labor is also a factor that is driving the demand for automation.

Marel boasts a comprehensive portfolio of advanced meat processing equipment and solutions capable of meeting the entire spectrum of requirements for deboning and trimming. Intelligent equipment like the DeboFlex and StreamLine supported by Innova are in high demand because of their traceability capabilities, automation and optimization of processes. They are ergonomically designed to minimize wear and tear and reduce work-related strain injuries.

Operator trimming pork with DeboFlex

Advanced deboning

Since its launch, the pork industry has embraced the groundbreaking method of hanging deboning offered by Marel’s DeboFlex, and processors around the world have thus optimized logistics and carcass utilization.

DeboFlex is an inline, modular and flexible system for hanging deboning of the pork carcass. The system ensures no product-to-product contact and far less cross-contaminating hand-to-product contact. Products move intelligently through the system in a controlled way, with primals and trim falling into bins or onto a takeaway conveyor system. With most operations automated, the line moves quickly and efficiently, resulting in a more consistent end product.

Operator trimming pork on DeboFlex

Hanging deboning brings significant benefits including:

  • Optimized production
  • Increased yield
  • Higher "knife in meat" time
  • Lowered labor costs
  • Ergonomics and no heavy lifting
  • Focus on specific process task
  • Better logistics of primal products
  • Improved product quality and shelf life
Marel StreamLine conveyor with meat

Intelligent trimming

The StreamLine deboning and trimming system provides processors with complete control and traceability of meat primals from breakup to packing. With Innova at the heart of the system, processors can configure the cutting and trimming according to the customer-specified cutting patterns and streamline a process that often lacks organization.

The StreamLine distributes meat primals to workstations based on operator availability, and real-time instructions are displayed on a screen with the operation type and task to be performed. The meat is deboned, trimmed, and further processed at the workstation according to unique product specifications and customer orders.

The StreamLine can send pieces from one operator to the next to create multiple process steps for the same primal, keeping track of yield at each stage. All cuts are fully traceable down to the specific animal lot and line operator.


The benefits of the StreamLine include:

  • Individual product traceability
  • Monitoring of yield, throughput, and defects
  • Ergonomic and stress-free work environment
  • Monitoring of individual line operator performance

Through our innovative technologies in meat deboning and trimming, processors have the ability and agility to quickly respond to customer specifications, maximizing the use of their raw material and delivering a safe and consistent product.

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