Improved performance of the Salmon Deheader with new features

Marel Salmon Deheader MS 2721V

We are proud to introduce the MS 2721 V—a new version of the Salmon Deheader with strong enhancements. Significant changes result in a higher yield, increased capacity, improved ease of use, and a more hygienic design.

Deheading with vision technology

The deheading result depended a lot on the operator’s performance at the infeed station on the original version. This concern has been addressed by installing a vision camera that detects the fish’s position before the v-cut is made. The knives are automatically positioned at the appropriate distance from the fish for an optimal cut along the collarbone.

Easier infeed with on-screen support

A screen at the infeed station with a real-time position indicator guides the operator to the fish’s optimal placement on the preloader, making the infeed easier. The operator can easily slide the fish into the preloader with one hand and the fish drops into the carrier, enabling an increased capacity of up to 25 fish per minute.

Marel Infeed Salmon Deheader MS 2721V

The real-time position indicator ensures the perfect cut on the improved Salmon Deheader MS 2721 V, guiding operators to the fish’s optimal placement on the preloader

Easy-to-clean components

Several of the key components inside the machine exposed to water and fish parts have been redesigned to improve the machine’s cleaning, e.g., shafts made as whole parts instead of multiple parts. The design of the MS 2721 V ensures good ergonomics, easy and safe operation.  

Automated solution with deheading and filleting

The Salmon Deheader can be integrated with our Filleting Machine MS 2730 to direct  the fish from the deheader to the filleting machine without manual handling, ensuring a more consistent infeed and improving the line flow.

Find out more about the new Salmon Deheader – Salmon Deheader MS 2721 V | Marel

Marel Salmon Deheader Cutting

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