Introducing the V-Cut 160 and V-Cut 200


Marel’s V-Cut 160 and V-Cut 200 portion cutters were recently introduced to the meat industry.

With the inclusion of MAJA’s FP 240 volumetric portioning machine, Marel now has the most extensive selection of volumetric machines on the market with a range of solutions from small processors to fully automated high-volume processing lines.

Flexible, volumetric portioning

Both the V-Cut 160 and V-Cut 200 are designed to cut boneless non-frozen meat into fixed-weight portions of uniform shape.

Marel built the V-Cut 160 for small to medium-sized processors. Thanks to its symmetric build, the V-Cut 160 is conveniently operable from either side. Available with an in-line portion take-away or a 90-degree conveyor, with an exit to the left or right, the design of the V-Cut 160 maximizes flexibility.

Optimal product presentation

The V-Cut 200 delivers single portions for direct packing, flattening, process weighing or shingled portions for automatic or manual packing. The V-Cut 200 is best-in-class for forming odd shaped muscle portions such as prime beef steaks. Simply load crust frozen boneless meat into the V-Cut 200’s expanded opening where the unique side press forms the meat into a uniform shape for cutting that results in exceptional accuracy in weight and thickness.

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Variety of cutting possibilities

Marel’s volumetric portion cutters provide a wide selection of cutting possibilities to suit a variety of processing needs—from portions and butterflies, to cubes and strips. Easily changes cuts by swapping out the portioning plate or template set. The V-Cut 160 and V-Cut 200 can singulate portions for subsequent processing or shingled portions for direct tray packing and works with boneless meats including the most common pork, beef and turkey breast cuts.

Key benefits

  • Exceptional fixed weight cutting accuracy
  • Uniform shaped products
  • Shingled portions for automatic tray packing
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Hygienic design

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