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New NIC-14T Neck Skin Inspection Machine


Marel Poultry’s turkey specialists are proud to present the newly developed NIC-14T neck skin inspection machine. This solution is fully prepared to meet today’s and tomorrow’s turkey processing requirements. The very first NIC-14T is to be shipped to a renowned customer who will implement it to process turkey males.

The function of the NIC-14T is to remove crop, wind and food pipe (trachea and esophagus) from the inside of the neck flap. It can do so at the highest capacities of 3600 hens or 3000 toms with a pitch of 12 inch. Processors are eager to profit from the full performance potential of the NIC-14T, particularly when processing male turkeys at today’s highest speeds.

210° curve

The ‘Plus’ execution of the NIC-14T features a 210° curve of the line around the carousel. This gives the machine some additional time to perform its operation. The products to process are fairly big and the 12” pitch allows for a careful handling.

Safety and hygiene

The NIC-14T meets the most severe requirements concerning safety and hygiene. Thanks to its Reference Series (RS) frame, which is self-supporting with an open design, turkey processors will find it easier to clean and maintain the machine. Disengaging the machine from the overhead conveyor for cleaning purposes as well as re-engaging is simple as that. With respect to cleaning operations, the NIC-14T can save up to two man-hours per day.

Newly designed brushes thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the drill units, contributing to the highest hygiene level.

Easy control

To operators, it is immediately clear how to control the machine. They can easily change the mechanical settings – which are reliable as ever –, as all buttons and controls are located on one single panel. Changing from hen to tom processing, for instance, is a simple task.

The NIC-14T is the first RS turkey processing solution in a series to come. More RS carousels in the turkey evisceration department are soon to be announced.

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