M2400 new scale released

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Marel has released a new grading and packing scale. The new M2400 is an advanced, high precision industrial scale ideal for use in the food processing environment.

Packed with new features, including a fast Ethernet connection, a large internal memory and a user-friendly interface, the new scale offers efficiency and dependability in the harshest of conditions.

Built as the successor to the tried and tested M2200, which has served for over 30 years as one of the most accurate scales on the market, the new M2400 offers improved performance, accuracy and better processing power. Low cost of ownership and a fast return on investment characterizes the new scale.

Full digital control

Full production management is the key to success in modern food processing. This advanced, high-quality scale offers advanced weighing, monitoring and production control. Processors can integrate it into both simple and complex processing lines.

Using the new M2400, they can easily connect their processes and monitor production with the Innova Food Production Software. The new controller can also be programmed with the Lua script language to perform customized jobs to suit different requirements.

Speed, performance and precision

Constructed of food grade, stainless steel, the M2400 meets the most stringent food hygiene requirements. The hygienic design with its smooth, rounded edges minimizes food trap areas and makes it very easy to clean. The unit’s intuitive user interface—with its large, easy-to-read, LCD display—makes it easy to operate under any conditions.

Official approval

For legal weighing, it is important to have an approved weighing unit. The new M2400 has already been approved as NAWI/AWI in all major markets and approvals are under way in the US, Australia and Canada.

The new M2400 scales will have the same legal certifications as the M2200 does today in all markets. The M2200 will be sold and supported until the phase has been completed.

Flexibility, speed and accuracy

Decades of experience and expertise in the field of weighing technology culminate in the M2400, which offers unrivaled accuracy and versatility for the demanding conditions of the food processing industry.

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