Marel included in the FTSE Global Equity Index Series

Nasdaq Iceland 091522 1

Marel is one of fifteen Icelandic securities to be included in the FTSE Global Equity Index Series (FTSE GEIS), as global index provider FTSE Russell has assigned Secondary Emerging market status to Iceland.

The inclusion of Iceland in the FTSE Global Equity Index Series (FTSE GEIS), effective from the market open of 19 September 2022, will be implemented in three tranches; in September 2022, December 2022 and March 2023.

Marel to join the FTSE Global All Cap index

The Icelandic securities, including Marel, that are eligible for the FTSE Global All Cap and associated indices at the September 2022 semi-annual review plus the FTSE Frontier Index excluding Iceland can be seen below. The securities will be reflected at the full investability weight i.e. their investability weight once Tranche 3 is completed in March 2023.

  • FTSE Global All Cap Incl Iceland
  • FTSE Emerging All Cap Incl Iceland
  • FTSE All-World Incl Iceland
  • FTSE Emerging Incl Iceland
  • FTSE Frontier ex Iceland

Tinna Molphy, Director of Investor Relations Marel, said:

“The transition to FTSE’s Secondary Emerging Market status is a positive step that could further elevate interest in the Icelandic equity market and Marel more specifically, as one of the fifteen Icelandic securities to be included in the FTSE Global Equity Index Series. The reclassification should also attract interest from a broader investor base and help facilitate substantial new inflow into the Marel stock on Nasdaq Iceland.”

Other Marel index inclusion

In 2021, international indexing company MSCI reclassified Iceland from Standalone Markets to Frontier Markets, and subsequently Marel was added to the MSCI’s Frontier Markets Index series.

Marel is also included in the Nordic Large Cap segment of the Nasdaq OMX and is part of the OMXI10, an index that consists of the ten most actively traded companies on Nasdaq Iceland. Since 2019 Marel has also been included in the VINX Benchmark Index by Nasdaq OMX Nordic. Based on free-float market capitalization and turnover, among other factors, Marel is the only Icelandic company represented in this index of 187 Nordic companies.

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