Marel now part of the Nasdaq VINX Benchmark Index

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Marel shares are now included in the Nasdaq VINX Benchmark Index (VINXB) as was announced on 14 November 2019 by Nasdaq OMX Nordics stock market. Marel is now included in three indexes, and is the only Icelandic company represented in the VINXB index.

In the VINXB benchmark index, Marel joins some of the Nordics largest, most actively traded public companies, which serves as an indicator of the overall performance on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchanges and Oslo Börs.

Marel shares included in three indexes

Marel shares trading in Icelandic krona (ISK) are currently included in three indexes—Nasdaq OMX Iceland 10, as well as two international indexes, FTSE Frontier Index Series (as of 20 September 2019) and now the Nasdaq VINX Benchmark Index. One of the objectives of the dual listing of Marel shares on Euronext Amsterdam, in addition to the company’s listing on Nasdaq Iceland, was better access to an international investor base and awareness on global indexes.

Dual listing milestone achieved in 2019

On 7 June 2019, Marel began trading on Euronext Amsterdam. The successful dual listing on Euronext Amsterdam complements Marel’s existing listing on Nasdaq Iceland since 1992.

By listing on an international stock exchange, Marel increased the visibility of its brand and access to a broader international investor base. In addition, the dual listing strengthens Marel’s capital structure and provides a global currency for acquisitions, to support the company’s ambitious growth strategy.

About the VINX Benchmark Index

“The VINX Benchmark Index (VINXB) consists of a selection of the largest and most traded stocks, with representation from a majority of the sector Industries.

The weight of each constituent is based on a free float market capitalization, which means that only the part of the share capital that is considered to be available for trading is included in the index. The index also serves as an indicator of the overall performance on the Nasdaq Nordic exchanges and Oslo Börs, and is intended to be a cost efficient index that an investor can fully replicate.

VINXB is revised twice a year to ensure that it offers high investability with low transaction costs. Thus VINXB index is especially attractive for use in investment products and as a comparative index for investors. The index is available in the currencies DKK, EUR, ISK, NOK and SEK”


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