Marel opens office in Roskilde, Denmark

Marel Roskilde Office

Marel is pleased to announce the opening of its new Marel Meat office in Roskilde, effective 14 September 2020.

The Marel office in Holbæk is relocating to Roskilde and officially changing its business name from Butina A/S to Marel Meat A/S. Butina became part of Marel at the turn of the year 2015/16 and changed its brand name to Marel Meat in January 2017.

The Holbæk office has focused on the processes and products around live animal handling pre-slaughter, working primarily with the slaughter process for pigs and cattle, and specializing in the CO2 stunning of pigs. Butina has been based in Holbæk for nearly 40 years and its particular knowledge and experience has been an invaluable addition to the expertise of Marel Meat.

Marel is a leading global supplier of integrated systems and advanced stand-alone processing equipment to the meat industry, as well as the poultry and fish processing industries. From live animal receiving to packed and labelled goods, Marel’s innovative equipment and software help meat processors of all sizes, in all markets, to operate at peak productivity and enhance the overall quality and value of their products.

The office location is changing, but our focus on innovation, sustainability and customer partnerships remains the same. In our new central location with easy access to Copenhagen Airport and major highways, the Marel Meat office in Roskilde will be a supportive knowledge base and a point of contact for Marel's customers.

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