Marel’s new Singulator - taking your portions to the next level


Marel’s new Singulator module for the I-Cut 130 PortionCutter intelligently handles the 'sticky' problem of separating and aligning a variety of boneless meat portions.

Move into the future of processing

With tighter industry margins and an ever more competitive marketplace, Marel’s Singulator option for the I-Cut 130 is the ideal solution to help your business transition towards the future of more automation. The Singulator can separate and align up to 200 portions per minute. Exact product positioning enables further downstream automation and processing.

Built for the long run

The Singulator is built with an unrivaled level of accuracy and reliability. By adding the Singulator to a Marel I-Cut 130, you are ensuring the perfect separation and optimal alignment of portions, right at the knife, even for smaller pieces. With accurate and separation and alignment of portions, you can work more efficiently with your product to optimize your process flow, efficiency and reduce giveaway. All while increasing the quality of your end product!

Singulator 9

More options = more opportunity

The Singulator can handle portions of boneless beef or pork primal portions, such as loins and neck. You choose how you want to process either by fixed-weight or length portions, multiple target weights and roasts.

In combination with the I-Cut 130, the Singulator fits seamlessly with other Marel solutions such as weighing, grading and batching, marinating and tray loading units. With fast changeovers between products and packing options, you can quickly adjust your operations to meet varying customer demands. Fully integrates with Innova software for controlling and monitoring insights on your production.

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