Marel launches Move the Globe challenge to raise funds for the Red Cross

Save The Globe

Migrants use the ICRC's water supply system in Pacaraima. Photo credit: B. Mast/ICRC

Marel has launched a company-wide challenge running from 6-20 September to collectively travel around the globe. The aim is to raise spirits, step counts and money for the International Red Cross. For every lap around the world completed by collective distance Marel employees move, the company will donate EUR 50,000 to the International Red Cross. The funds raised will provide safe water and essential services for migrants in northern Brazil.

Raising step counts, spirits and funds for the Red Cross

Supporting healthier bodies and minds is a natural extension of our company-wide aim to champion healthy, sustainable, affordable food for all. The Move the Globe challenge unites Marel employees towards a common goal to get active and boost wellbeing while contributing to the wellbeing of others by raising funds for the International Committee of the Red Cross. Every step counts towards jointly completing a lap around the world—all 40,075km of it. For every lap around the globe that the Marel team completes, Marel will donate EUR 50,000 to the International Committee of the Red Cross.[1]

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Partnerships for safe water and habitat activities in Brazil

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Brazil supports migrants from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, including refugees and unaccompanied minors and their host communities, in the northern Brazilian states by upgrading basic infrastructure to improve sanitation and access to safe and sufficient water and other essential services. Due to an increase in arriving migrants into Brazil, basic facilities hosting migrants and their host communities are overstretched operating at maximum capacity. Despite efforts by local authorities, pressure on essential services structures such as water and sanitation remains a challenge.

save the globe red cross

Roraima State. A Venezuelan mother sits with her daughter on a bed in a center for migrants. Photo credit: MORIYAMA, Victor/ICRC

The funds raised through Move the Globe will be donated to the ICRC in order to secure safe water and essential services for migrants in northern Brazil fleeing armed violence and instability in the region.

Marel and the Red Cross share ambition for thriving communities

The partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and focus on safe water and essential services for migrants in the northern part of Brazil is in line with Marel’s social participation and charitable giving guidelines that contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2 of zero hunger and Goal 6 of clean water and sanitation. It is also in line with our focus to support local communities in regions and countries where Marel operates. Marel’s footprint in Brazil includes sales and service offices, manufacturing operations and most recently a new demo center.

Marel is honored to continue working in partnership with the ICRC, having partnered with the worldwide humanitarian organization at previous occasions including in 2020, donating EUR 1,000,000 to improve food security of the most vulnerable communities in South Sudan.

save the globe to raise funds

Migrants use the ICRC's water supply system in Pacaraima. Photo credits: B. Mast/ICRC

Join today—raise funds while the endorphins flow

Partnerships are at the heart of Marel. Customers, suppliers and other partners are invited to join the Move the Globe challenge. Running, swimming, cycling, skating, rollerblading—any distance-based activity goes towards collectively travelling around the globe. It’s simple to get involved. Download the Strava app to your phone, join any of these two clubs; Move the Globe – Steps or Move the Globe – Cycling and start logging your kilometers to count towards the common goal!

marel save the globe for red cross

[1] Marel will donate a maximum of EUR 250,000 in the Move the Globe challenge, equivalent to five laps around the world travelled by employees and partners.

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