New FTIM RotoVac final inspection machine with neck skin trimmer

FTIM Rotovac 20 RS

Internal organs or bits of them left in the product after evisceration are the number one enemy of shelf life. Equipment to remove them shouldn’t, however, damage ribs. Setting new standards for carcass cleanliness, Marel’s new FTIM RotoVac performs this task accurately, at the same time trimming the neck skin to ensure excellent product presentation.

The FTIM RotoVac combines the functions of a Final Inspection Machine and a Neck Skin Trimmer. The integrated system has a smaller footprint and costs less than two separate machines. This 20-unit carousel sucks away any debris such as hearts, lungs or other viscera remnants remaining in the product after evisceration, without damaging the rib cage or the carcass itself. At the same time, it cuts neck skins (flaps) straight to a uniform length for optimum presentation.

How it works

Products enter the machine, which has 20 units. To avoid rib damage, product should be positioned precisely for entry of the machine’s units. A leg loop and shoulder lifter take care of this. Now the units can enter the carcass cavity correctly. Each unit has an infeed bracket and twin rotating, specially shaped suction nozzles. Once the unit is stationary at the bottom of the cavity, vacuum is applied. The twin nozzles rotate outwards from the breastbone towards the ribs on either side of the product to remove lungs and any loose debris.

It sucks away viscera remnants and trims neck skin at the same time.

Neck skin trim

The FTIM RotoVac integrates all options of the RNT Neck Skin Trimmer. For processors selling premium quality whole products to the fresh market, neck skin presentation is particularly important. Trimming of neck skin to a straight and uniform cut is needed to ensure first-rate product presentation on the shelf.

Regardless of differences in leg length, neck flaps can be trimmed consistently straight and to a given length by the machine’s circular blade. An integral collection bin collects neck skin and carcass debris, which can be taken away from the machine by a common vacuum transport system. All parts coming into contact with the product are cleaned by sprayers during each cycle.

The FTIM RotoVac sits in a self-supporting RS frame. It’s an open design with no blind spots, which is easy to clean. FIM RotoVac machines with up to 16 units are Final Inspection Machines only and can be combined with a separate RNT Neck Skin Trimmer.

FTIM Rotovac 20 RS

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