Nordic CEOs for a Sustainable Future publish Diversity & Inclusion Guide

Arni Thodarson CEO Marel

Anchored in Nordic traditions of gender equality, diversity & inclusion, the 13 CEOs of the Nordic CEOs for a Sustainable Future, including Arni Oddur Thordarson, CEO of Marel, have today published a new guide, which sets out concrete steps on how to promote a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

In addition to practical examples of initiatives that can be replicated by organizations across every geography, the Guide also provides a call to action to the governments in the Nordic Region.

Recognizing that a renewed effort will be required for the world to meet the targets set out in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and particularly #5, which speaks about gender equality, the Nordic CEOs, share an ambition to accelerate progress on a range of issues related to diversity and inclusion.

The title of the Guide, "From balancing gender to driving inclusion", outlines how the gender gap, which the Nordic region has been at the forefront of closing, forms part of the broader theme of diversity and inclusion. The Nordic CEOs aspire for the Nordic region to continue to lead the way and set a replicable example for how to create diverse and inclusive workplaces where gender equality can be achieved.

The CEOs are hopeful that their shared commitment and this new Guide can inspire others to explore how they can promote diversity and inclusion in their own organizations.

The Nordic CEOs for a Sustainable Future are also calling on the Nordic governments to drive further progress on diversity and inclusion in the Nordic region with renewed emphasis on gender equality and women’s empowerment through government initiatives and incentives. Our shared goal is to reach a state where all are equal and feel that way.

Download the guide:

From balancing gender to driving inclusion (PDF)

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