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Process consultation can make a significant difference in realizing the full potential and optimization of an installation such as our StreamLine Deboning and Trimming systems.

Our meat processing consultants routinely work with our customers to improve their production performance through service visits that are frequently a part of a Service Level Agreement.

Valid information makes all the difference

Our StreamLine system in combination with our Innova Food Processing Software is an efficient tool to improve deboning performance. We often see customers struggling with the performance of operators working in our StreamLine processes.

The work process is fundamentally different from a traditional line, where operators push meat to their workstation, and the StreamLine system, where operators are motivated to work at the requested speed.

To illustrate the difference between operators working with clear system reporting versus no system reporting, an experiment was conducted at one of our customer's sites. During the trial, a supervisor handled the training and support of the operator.

Thorough reporting provided precise information to the supervisor indicating which operator required assistance and what type of help was needed.

Even though operators frequently have performance information visible on their terminals, the personal interaction with the supervisor proved to be very important for this transition.

Enhancing your throughput

In the example below, three operators were excluded from receiving any primal cuts that they lacked deboning skills for, by applying the "Employee Capability" feature in the system's Innova software.

A base period was defined to measure the results and the supervisor supported the three operators in increasing their speed by providing daily feedback. The graph below displays the improvement.

Throughput Test Graph

Improving your yield

In another example, five operators were selected who needed to improve yield on the "Inside-Round". Once again, a base period was defined to measure the results. The five operators that had priority in the StreamLine system during the primal cuts "Inside-Round" received product at their workstation more often than other operators on the StreamLine.

This feature was applied by using the "Employee Capability" feature in Innova. Supervisors assisted the operators in boosting their yield by providing daily feedback. The graph below presents the improvement.

The examples above clearly show an increase in throughput from 28% to 59% and improvement in the yield of 3.3% to 6.4%. These results confirm the value of analyzing data, taking appropriate actions and supporting operators with training and constructive feedback.

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