Sanford Ltd. strengthens its digital capabilities with Innova

Innova Food Processing Software has been selected as Sanford's Manufacturing Execution System and Production Management Software supplier

Sanford Processing Facility

As part of a new strategy, the global fish processing leader has purchased Innova Food Processing Software to increase the flexibility and efficiency of their business

In June 2021, Innova was chosen as the Manufacturing Execution System and Production Management Software supplier to New Zealand seafood processing leader Sanford’s new digital journey. The first factory equipped with Innova has been successfully operating since August 2021, enriching the value of their data and enhancing their daily operations.

Creating a stronger business

The significant contract covers all of the main pillars of Sanford’s business: whitefish, salmon and shellfish processing, as well as onboard solutions for factory trawlers, long-liners and inshore scampi vessels.

Innova will help Sanford control, monitor, and improve operations by managing the entire process from receiving raw material to dispatching finished goods. It will also ensure traceability, maximize yield, reduce giveaway to minimize food waste, and utilize the raw material in the best possible way to increase sustainability.

With over 2,200 production sites worldwide relying on Innova daily, Marel is well prepared for this massive undertaking.

Innova 011

Success despite COVID-19

The contract and installation process has been ongoing, with an extensive design and build phase over the last two years. The COVID-19 pandemic and traveling restrictions have meant that most workshops and implementations have been done remotely with solid support from Innova’s local team in New Zealand.

Bjarni Sigurdur Bergsson, International Sales Manager - Innova

“We are thrilled to be a part of Sanford’s journey to transform the way fish is processed by digitalizing their processes. We are confident that Innova will help them maintain their competitive edge and increase their adaptability to respond to evolving consumer demand. We’re proud of our team’s dedication and commitment to ensuring that the installations and service went smoothly, despite the hurdles of a global pandemic and travel restrictions.”

Andre Gargiulo, Chief Customer Officer - Sanford

“It is vitally important to us to have systems in place that can enable and support our decision making as we manage all our processes from sea to plate.  In the past, our paper-based systems have created significant challenges.  We are looking forward to completing the Innova rollout and welcoming a new era of data at our fingertips, making life easier for our people and enabling us to serve our customers better.”

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