Slicing and stacking flexibility to meet a demanding market

Divider Lineup End Product 2

Slice and stack cooked meats, convenience products and cheese with precision. Produce consistent, high-quality end products that attract customers and increase your brand reputation.

Sliced Salami

The DIVIDER series is an advanced generation of slicing systems offering highly adaptable, accurate slicing while reducing energy consumption and costs. Whatever the size of your business, Marel and TREIF’s combined portfolio and expertise have the right solution to make your slices and stacks perfect every time.

Reduce costs with Eco Slicing

Eco Slicing technology removes the need for idle cuts. By using each blade rotation for slicing, products can be cut at higher temperatures, lowering costs and processing times by reducing the need for product tempering.

Treif Divider Slicer Operation

High-quality products with increased flexibility

Arrange your slices in almost any pattern, including fan, stack, staggered and zigzag. The Static Distance Control (SDC) of the DIVIDER startUp and the Dynamic Distance Control (DDC) of the DIVIDER lineUp ad DIVIDER 660+ ensure perfect placement every time.

Highly adaptable, DIVIDER slicers adjust to your requirements with fast ergonomic loading, intelligent cutting systems and incredible product flexibility. While the easy-to-clean design dramatically reduces downtime between product change-over and increases hygiene standards.

Sliced Ham

The perfect slice, whatever your needs

The space-saving, low-weight, mobile design of the DIVIDER startUp makes it ideal for butcheries, canteens and commercial kitchens with limited space. Combining 300 blade rotation per minute, optimized product handling and easy-clean design with a high level of adaptability means you can process a wide variety of products with minimal downtime.

The DIVIDER lineUp improves throughput and yield with 400 blade rotations per minute. It can easily fit into any production line. The large cutting chamber makes maximum use of a small space with fast ergonomic loading for high efficiency, while the intelligent cutting system provides maximum product flexibility.

The DIVIDER 660+ sickle knife delivers 660 blade rotations per minute. No tools are needed for conversion, making product change-overs quick and easy and reducing downtime. The 850mm infeed length allows the slicing of up to four products simultaneously, increasing processing capability and maximizing product flexibility.

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