Smarter processing with Marel in Boston

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Marel is inviting visitors to explore some of its newest, smartest processing innovations at the Seafood Expo North America in Boston this year, with demonstrations of equipment and VR (virtual reality) experiences at stand #825.

New Paceinfeeder for salmon filleting

This will be the first time Marel demonstrates the new automatic PaceInfeeder in North America, since it released the product for sale at the Salmon ShowHow in Copenhagen earlier this year.

The PaceInfeeder is an optimized infeed system designed for the automatic fixed-pace infeed of deheaded fish to the MS 2730 Filleting Machine, resulting in higher filleting quality and reduced labor costs. The Filleting Machine also offers automatic back and belly trim, to reduce the need for manual trimming, and automatically adjusts to various fish sizes.

Creating top quality boneless portions

The Marel portion cutting equipment on display in Boston is fast, precise and highly automated, with innovative cutting patterns so processors can create value-added products and deliver custom-made portions directly to orders.

In addition to portion cutting, Marel is also demonstrating pinboning and portioning with the revolutionary FleXicut machine – now released for both whitefish and salmon. The automation of bone removal raises productivity and greatly improves product handling and yield.

The industry has also welcomed FleXicut systems for their intelligent product distribution, with FleXisort automatically allocating each of the various outputs to different product streams, thereby saving time and further increasing efficiency.

Innovation in Boston

Smarter processing with the right data

Connectivity is a crucial element of smarter processing. When your software systems and machinery talk to one another, it means you can access the right data on both sides of the supply chain, leading to increased capacity and productivity, and boosting overall efficiency.

Marel’s Innova Food Processing Software keeps everything running smoothly and improves decision-making, and we encourage people to meet us in Boston to discuss some of the substantial advantages the software has to offer.

Find out more about our demonstrations

Book a meeting with us or visit Marel’s stand #825 in Boston to explore the latest in fish processing technology and to find out more about how our smarter processing technology can take your seafood processing to the next level.

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