Software and its role in poultry processing

The poultry industry has changed. As one of the leading proteins sold worldwide, increased demand has required processors to turn more toward smart technology to produce at the desired rate. Where older methods used to suffice, they cannot compete in today’s food industry.

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More demands mean more pressure

As the demand for more and better product increases, so does the need for fast and accurate data collection. These demands have increased pressure on poultry processors in ways such as:

  • Higher cost of raw materials
  • Increased customer demand
  • More complex supply chains
  • Changing regulatory landscapes
  • Increased need for performance indicators
  • More competitive environments

MES-based (Manufacturing Execution System) software platforms provide many new and innovative ways to alleviate these pressures by controlling the machines and collecting information at every step of the production cycle. This gives processors the ability to make informed decisions while maintaining full product traceability.

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What is an MES solution?

A manufacturing execution system is a system that enables processors and manufacturers to control their process by dictating programs and parameters from a single system for equipment at any point in the process line.

The system also acts as a data historian by collecting real-time data about the equipment and products and storing it in the database so the information can be easily found and displayed or exported as needed. A good MES is modular, so that users can build it around their company’s specific needs.

The poultry industry, like many others, now requires such systems in order to function properly in a technological society. Not only is efficiency essential to meet increasing demands, data quality and reliability are needed to meet local and global safety requirements.

Download our whitepaper now to find out how poultry processors can utilize MES software solutions to relieve many of the issues they face.

Whitepaper download: Software and its role in poultry processing

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