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Innova On-Board is an all-in-one marine food processing software that provides processors with the competitive advantage of extended traceability capabilities that fully comply with EU and US regulations.

Not only was the first reliable marine scale what gave Marel its unique name, but also it was the foundation on which the company built its entire legacy of high-tech solutions for the food processing industry.

Today hundreds of ships and floating factories equipped with Marel processing lines sail the seas. To manage and monitor these marine solutions Marel has developed the innovative, user friendly Innova On-Board food processing software.

Control the Catch

Like our marine equipment, the software is also designed to meet the requirements of any on-board processor looking for increased efficiency, higher yield and better quality.

The Innova Food Processing Software suite for on board fish handling offers efficient and user friendly controls for the grading, batching, labeling, packing and freezing processes.

The software manages trips and hauls and provides a comprehensive overview of the catch as well as full control of the on-deck processes. Additional hardware connections to e.g. GPS, wind and thermometers make the system even more streamlined, allowing seamless data sharing between offshore and onshore systems.

Easier Regulation Compliance

Innova On-Board is specifically designed for fresh fish or factory ships that have to comply with both EU and US regulations on fishing control and traceability. Processors are well acquainted with EU regulations and what is needed to comply with them.

The reporting data requirements in the new rules proposed by the US cover fish harvesting, production and landing. Furthermore this efficient on-board food processing software offers a competitive advantage by keeping track of their catch from the minute it’s on board, throughout the whole production chain and directly to the consumer.

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