Solid shackles for product and pack

Profitability and hygiene benefit from new shackles

E Comp Shackles6

Given the high speeds with which poultry processing occurs today, it is crucial to have a firm grip on every single product that is transported via the overhead conveyor. Products that drop from the line, for example, in corner bends, where the speed is even higher, are immediately harming profitability and hygiene. Marel redesigned its evisceration shackle as well as its viscera pack shackle to meet the strictest requirements.

EComp shackle

In line with the shift to higher processing speeds as fast as 15,000 bph [250 bpm], Marel developed its new EComp evisceration shackle. The higher the speed, the more noise a running processing line will produce. The replacement of metal shackles with models made out of special composite material means significant noise reduction, making the evisceration department a more pleasant environment to work in.

Harsh circumstances

Forces on the shackle, particularly in corner bends, can be enormous at those speeds. The material from which the EComp shackle is made, is highly resistant to harsh circumstances such as intense use, heavy pressure, humidity and temperature changes.

Reduce downtime

EComp shackles also make life easier for the overhead conveyor chain when guiding product past processes throughout the plant. Should an error occur and a shackle become trapped, it is better for the shackle to break in a controlled way –without splintering!– than bending and causing a jam. Using the EComp shackle will reduce downtime, as this shackle is quick and easy to replace.

Cleaning the shackles is not a problem either. The shackle washer can handle them perfectly, as there are no difficult edges or hidden corners.
If necessary, the EComp shackle can be supplied in a number of colors. Standard color is blue.

Pack Shackle

New pack shackle – clamp & carry

Marel also introduces a new generation viscera pack shackle. Its improved, more robust design clamps intestines even better than before without damaging them, at the same time achieving a pack loss rate of less than 0.5%. Hygiene benefits too, as the risk of cross-contamination, even in high-speed lines, is extremely low.

Shackle the pack

At high speeds, the function of the pack shackle becomes ever more crucial. Moving forces increase, as does the chance of packs touching each other or falling off, especially in corner bends. Clamp opening is also more critical. Marel’s new Nuova VS pack shackle controls all these forces. The unique closing mechanism, a new and robust spring design, as well as the redesigned pin and slot, work together to clamp the viscera pack firmly and carry it safely to its destination without losing it on the way. Thanks to the new turning mechanism that closely controls rotation of the shackle, viscera packs simply can no longer touch one another, thereby avoiding cross-contamination.

For all line speeds

In their lines, pack shackles are either static or rotatable to allow for perfect presentation in all situations, left or right hand lines, lines with a PGI gall harvester or with multiple veterinary stations. Customizable colorcoding makes it even easier than before for veterinarians to identify different viscera packs. As the line contact surface is larger, pack transfer is even better. Pack loss is now minimal and so is unexpected downtime. Yield is up while wear and tear are down, resulting in a robust performance over the shackle’s lifetime. In addition, maintenance of the VS pack shackle is easier and more predictable with a lower cost of ownership. All these features make Marel’s new Nuova VS pack shackle eminently suitable for all line speeds!

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