Strategic changes at Marel in Seattle


Marel has a global strategy to improve the efficiency of its global manufacturing system and offer its customers the best support with high-tech hardware and software solution.

As part of this strategy, Marel is changing its staffing structure in Seattle, as announced to Seattle employees 27 February 2018.

The Marel service team in Seattle will be strengthened by the addition of an experienced install team to assist in the smooth implementation of projects, while our manufacturing team will be reduced as we prepare to phase out manufacturing in Seattle.

Marel is committed to supporting its customers in the North American market and will continue to offer a wide range of manufactured items through its global supply chain system.

For the past 20 years in Seattle, Marel has manufactured machinery and been privileged to work with the fish industry on countless projects.

Over the past year alone, Marel has installed highly engineered end-to-end solutions for North American customers through our manufacturing centers and in partnership with local suppliers.

Marel will maintain all the machinery and expertise needed to support our installations with spare parts and service on an ongoing basis. Marel places great value on its customer relationships and will continue to maintain them.

Changes to the Seattle facility over the next few months are designed to bring sales and service closer together and secure more opportunities for customers to experience the full benefits of Marel hardware and software systems.

Marel has enjoyed great success in working together with its customers to meet their needs in the most efficient manner possible, and looks forward to continuing this cooperation with the North American fish processing industry.

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