The extra impact of IMPAQT

Service elements of primary processing software drive optimization options

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IMPAQT is far more than a ‘passive’ software product that’s done and dusted once you’ve installed it. There are many ‘active’ service elements that bring not only continuing long-term support but also significant added value. Besides the usual OEE metrics of Availability, Performance and Quality, IMPAQT offers many extra functionalities, giving poultry processors extra insight. In terms of service, there’s a world to discover.

IMPAQT comes with an important integrated service element, which means continuous added value. OEE software in itself does not solve anything: its data provides 100% insight, but what can you do with it? Once IMPAQT services have been included, issues can really be addressed and resolved.
Plenty of parties supply a ‘universal’ OEE without any specific poultry knowledge. While it’s based on OEE, IMPAQT not only gives insight into the losses but helps you to pinpoint issues and even suggests possible solutions.

“We don’t want to leave our customers on their own. By providing lots of additional services, we want them to get all the potential value from IMPAQT. Consider the software as the tape measure and Marel's poultry expertise as the knowledge needed to cut the board to the right size. It’s not just a software product, there is much more to it. It’s Marel’s poultry knowledge that’s the real added value,” says Marco Vos, Marel Service Project Manager.

Get you up and running

After IMPAQT has been commissioned, Marel provides basic end-user training for key users such as TD employees, maintenance managers, line operators or quality control operators.  There is super user training for staff such as IT administrators who adjust the systems, set production profiles and control access levels for individual users.

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Keep you up and running

When it comes to keeping IMPAQT software up and running, Marel can give you access to updates and upgrades.
The remote emergency system support is a key service element that keeps you running. This is a helpdesk function, which you can consult when needed. If IMPAQT has a defective sensor and can no longer provide information, our helpdesk will decide whether the repair can be done by your own TD employees or needs to be fixed by a Marel engineer, who, with your permission, will log into your system remotely.

Get your optimization done

The ability to optimize your processes by using IMPAQT’s service component, unique added value to OEE software, is an invaluable tool.
Where general training stops, check-ins go further, making sure that the system functions as intended and giving in-depth customer-specific advice. Marel helps you understand how to use the system best.
It literally sits next to you at the computer screen asking whether everything is correct, whether you have questions, how you normally use it and whether you know that a given function is also available.

IMPAQT works best when widely, continuously and structurally used in the plant and if it has ambassadors in the organization. It’s the customer success that defines Marel’s success.

It’s not just a software product, there is much more to it. It’s Marel’s poultry knowledge that’s the real added value.

Marco Vos
Marel Service Project Manager

Trend monitoring

If you see a trend in your IMPAQT figures, but don’t know why this is happening, Marel can offer you trend monitoring support. This is not just about one red bar in a graph but about a longer-term issue. Marel gets involved with a data analyst who knows where to find the cause and a technical expert who has the ultimate knowledge of the equipment concerned. The report they draft together is not a simple click on the ‘print’ button but the result of a thorough investigation.  It begins with raw data, builds up useful information and then gives very specific advice to the customer.

Process optimization

By offering process optimization support, IMPAQT will make proactive improvement proposals on a continuous basis.  It takes into account everything that has been measured over the past year.  This included the whole primary process with its many machines and systems.  Process optimization involves sound analysis and custom-made advice. The last word in optimization-by-IMPAQT could be the benchmarking of multiple lines in your factory.


Moving to a digital process

Thanks to IMPAQT, poultry processors have an immense amount of data at their fingertips. The challenge, however, is generating value from this data and translating it into practical recommendations for optimization. Processors can take a ‘digital transition’ step and put their trust in the data generated. Some might say, “I’ve been doing it this way for years and my plant runs well. Why should I change?” The world is, however, changing fast. Step by step the poultry processing market is becoming more digitalized. Without digitalization, it gets harder to stay in pole position, being best in business. Successful digital transformation requires a long-term relationship, mutual trust and understanding between the processor and Marel. Your data is confined in a trusted, secured environment. You will have the benefit of quick support and helpful consultancy.


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