Transaction in own financial instruments

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Transaction to fulfill obligations of stock option agreements.

Name: Marel hf.

Date of transaction: 5.5.2021

Buy or Sell: Sell

Type of instrument: Hlutabréf/Equities

Number of shares: 1,411,797

Price: EUR 2.475

Primary insider's holdings after the transaction: 17,193,107

Date of settlement: N/A

Reason for transaction:

Transaction to fulfill obligations of stock option agreements. The stock options were granted in the years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 in accordance with the Company‘s remuneration policy as approved by the Company‘s respective AGMs. The total number of exercised options was 3,538,000 and the weighted average exercise price was EUR 2.475 per share. Option holders purchased 110,000 shares in total at the weighted average purchase price of EUR 0.876 per share. Remaining shares were delivered on the basis of netting, i.e. shares equal to the difference of the weighted average exercise price of the stock options (EUR 2.526 per share) and closing price on Euronext Amsterdam on 4 May 2021, both numbers multiplied with the number of options exercised this way, which were 3,428,000, less taxes.

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