Value-adding portioning with intelligent sorting

Poultry processing - inline product weighing

Setting benchmarks in the poultry processing industry

In close cooperation with our customers we create innovative solutions for the poultry processing industry, driving excellence in performance, food safety and sustainability.

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Poultry processing products and solutions

Products and solutions

Marel offers solutions and services for processing of all usual types of poultry, all possible stages in the process and at any required production capacity. Besides broiler processing, we also specialize in technology and systems for processing turkeys, ducks and other breeds such as layers and parent stock. Our approach focuses on accomplishing the most value adding, tailor made production facilities.

Innova Food Processing Software

Innova is our powerful and comprehensive software solution that collects and collates data, allowing you to improve performance and enhance productivity.

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Poultry service - maintenance training


To support our customers with the optimum service solutions, we focus on tailoring service partnerships to our customers’ specific requirements. Each service solution is designed as a partnership between our local service specialists and customers, to ensure it addresses specific needs.

At Marel, we envision a world where food is produced safely, sustainably and affordably. These goals are only achievable through close collaboration with our customers and partners around the world.

Our extensive global sales and service network spans 30 countries and six continents, so expert help is close at hand wherever you are. We believe in global knowledge and local solutions.

Customer stories

Create better quality convenience products with the Marel RevoPortioner 1000 low-pressure food forming machine
OSI Germany added Marel’s RevoPortioner 1000 to its food processing production line, increasing capacity and quality of chicken nuggets
QPLC Technicians
Erin Mcguinness Hazeldenes
IMPAQT Factory Tablet
Arie Manuel Changchun Yunken
Tyson People
Calisa People IPPE

"With this Marel solution, we have opened the door to the future."

Luc Hecker, Innovation and Process Development Manager


"We decided to install the RevoPortioner 1000 because there are very few forming machines on the market that can meet our production requirements."

Juergen Wehner, Plant Manager

OSI Food Solutions Germany

“It is the Marel machines in the evisceration area, which have made the biggest difference for us.”

Gary Raya, processing plant manager


"São Salvador Alimentos appreciated to have found in Marel not just a processing line supplier, but above all a technological partner."

Frank Regouin

Marel Industry Sales Manager

"Innova has moved us from a reactive business in the past to a proactive business."

Erin McGuinness


"Monitoring of the processing lines where we use IMPAQT is much better."

Robert Duda


“Products are of a superior quality. We see Marel as being the top.”

Naif Aladhyani

Arasco, Saudi Arabia

"Marel and the Yunken Group will keep cooperating to achieve a win-win situation for both parties in future development.”

Zhao Xiaoguang, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Yunken Group

"It is unbelievable how much we’ve improved our process, quality and yield. We are very happy with the results."

Federico Carro Lazarini

Tyson Foods Europe, Oosterwolde

“All these Marel systems will help us maintain the highest standards of product presentation and taste.”

Augusto Motta

Motta Group, Argentina


Poultry processing wastewater treatment solutions at Mazzraty


Water Treatment in poultry processing

Given the environmental requirements and the scarcity of water in some parts of the world, treatment of wastewater has become a very important aspect in the poultry industry. 

Being a full-line supplier, Marel is able to supply made-to-measure water treatment solutions. These cost-effective and energy efficient systems solve many complex challenges posed by wastewater disposal.