StreamLine poultry trimming line improves operator performance

Increase trimming throughput by 20% instantly

StreamLine is the star quarterback for your trimming process

StreamLine is a uniquely intelligent manual deboning and trimming line solution. Like a star quarterback, it motivates and supports the entire team on the trimming line, leading with efficiency so that every player can work in harmony and at the top of their game. Its execution lies in its ability to distribute product effectively, which helps operators to perform at the highest level possible—delivering impressive gains in productivity and yield.

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With boneless thigh meat garnering more than twice the price of bone-in thigh, the value of trimming is clear. However, the high cost and scarcity of labor mean that many processors cannot meet the growing demand for boneless dark meat. StreamLine overcomes these challenges by making thigh trimming exceptionally fast and efficient, dramatically improving operator performance.

Increase trimming throughput

by 20%

Increase yield

by 1-3% or more

Marel Streamline Technology For Processing

Trim more thighs with fewer operators

Using StreamLine, you can instantly ​​increase operator trimming throughput by an incredible 20% or more. Combining unique distribution technology, operator monitoring and ergonomic design, StreamLine simplifies the trimming process while keeping downtime to a minimum. This enables each operator to achieve an outstanding throughput of up to 14,000 lb. per week when working full-time shifts. 

Marel Streamline Equipment

Maximize the value of your raw materials

With thigh prices rising steeply, it’s more important than ever to make every ounce of meat count. StreamLine’s sophisticated data analytics reveal opportunities to reduce giveaway, helping to boost yield by 1-3% or more. StreamLine also ensures that samples from each operator are collected for anonymous quality inspection, making it easier than ever to verify that your products meet the superior standards that keep customers coming back for more. 

Marel Streamline Technology

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