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Whether you are just starting out in burger processing, wanting to increase your current production volumes, or looking to diversify and create new types of burger patties to meet the latest consumer demands, we have a full line solution to meet your needs.

From controlling the fat content of trim, through grinding and mixing the meat mass, all the way to forming the perfect patties, our equipment and expertise support you at every step in the process.

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Marel’s X-ray detection system, SensorX Magna, lets you control the chemical lean of trim and detect and remove contaminants such as bone, metal and glass before grinding.

CL control and bone detection

Integrating a Marel inspection system into your burger line gives you the possibility to fully control the fat percentage of meat trim or meat mass.

The unique advantage of Marel’s inspection system, SensorX Magna, is its ability to detect and efficiently remove hard contaminants before the grinding process starts. This not only gives higher quality patties with accurate fat content but also ensures the supply of safe, high-quality products to end consumers. Food contamination, specifically bone and metal, is a battle fought on a daily basis and an important challenge faced by everyone in the food supply chain.

Mixing Grinding

Intelligent meat preparation

To create a high-quality burger patty, the meat mass needs to be prepared in a gentle, accurate and efficient way. The design of Marel grinders and mixers ensures minimal protein destruction and smearing. They also meet the strictest hygiene requirements.

To give you a seamlessly integrated solution for meat preparation we also supply all supporting equipment including belts, conveyors, giraffes and lifters.

Burger Forming

Perfectly formed patties

To help you create the perfect burger patties, we offer the latest, most innovative forming technology. Not only does it give the highest yield on the market, but it also ensures a consistent and accurate weight, shape, size and quality for each burger patty.

There is also the flexibility to produce a wide variety of shapes and types of patty. The RevoPortioner with Helix Drum technology efficiently creates the high-volume standard burger, whilst the innovative PremiumFormer produces the classic homestyle burger, the juicy tender-fresh burger and premium butcher burger.

Tray Loader Burgers

Packing for retail or QSR

To help complete the burger production process, our equipment directly packages burger patties so they are ready for retail or QSR delivery. We offer a range of tray loading equipment, paper interleavers, burger stacking solutions and checkweighers.

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