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Perfect your products with ultimate climate control

The ModularOven+ offers our revolutionary ModularOven technology customized to your precise production needs. Designed for the most ambitious food processors, it cooks, steams and roasts the highest quality poultry, meat and fish with maximum yield and unbeatable uniformity.

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Do it all—or just what you need

We can tailor the ModularOven+ to suit your exact requirements—now and into the future. Thanks to its buildable, modular design, you can choose the specific features you need to meet your current criteria, with no unnecessary extras. From there, your options are open. If your requirements change over time, you can level up even further by adding more features and more capacity.

*Relative to comparable ovens in the same price range.

Up to 6%

more yield*

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Raising the bar for cooking technology

What sets our ModularOven technology apart is its unique combination of patented air-flow design and two independent cooking climate zones. Together, these innovations give you ultimate control of climate parameters, so you gain outstanding capacity and excellent product versatility. With technology this powerful, you can even achieve up to 6% more yield than with any comparable oven.

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Optimal climate = optimal yield and product appeal

State-of-the-art climate control makes sure the ModularOven+ delivers exceptionally even heat distribution and optimal steam content. This means that products reach the correct core temperature for food safety while keeping their delicious juicy texture. This is important not only for flavor and color, but also for yield: More moisture means more weight, and more weight means more product to sell!

Groundbreaking technology

          • ModularOven technology is truly game-changing


The power of two towers

          • Two independent climates allow for incredible versatility

Adaptable, modular design

          • Production needs can change. So can the ModularOven+


Cook the same. Look the same

          • Climate control delivers amazingly uniform batches.
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Cook uniformly, no matter the amount

By ensuring perfectly even heat transfer across all sides of the product, the ModularOven+ delivers exceptional consistency. It doesn’t matter how much you have in the oven. Every batch and every portion are cooked to a uniform core temperature and appearance, so you can provide the consistently high-quality products your customers know and trust.

Smartbase Modular Oven

Smarter cooking with digital connectivity

The ModularOven+ is compatible with Innova Food Processing Software, which provides valuable data-driven insights that can help you optimize your production. The ModularOven+ will also soon be compatible with SmartBase, our new application for monitoring machine health. SmartBase can proactively identify areas for improvement and pinpoint problems before they happen.

Industry leading heat treatment built exactly how you need it

That’s the ModularOven+

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We know ovens inside-out, so you don’t have to

With over 30 years of experience in oven innovation, we are the experts in heating technology. From the first consultation, to installation, to training your people, to ongoing maintenance and services, we draw upon a wealth of knowledge to support you at every step. Our specialists know how to get the best possible results from your oven and ultimately empower you to increase your profits.

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