Marel is at the forefront of whitefish processing

Add value to your fish products

For more than 40 years, Marel has been helping whitefish processors around the world better utilize raw materials, while also reducing processing time and increasing automation and food safety. Whatever your organization’s size or goals, we have the products and services to help your business thrive.

Marel offers advanced standalone equipment and integrated systems to the whitefish processing industry. Our further processing solutions enable fish processors to produce better quality value added products.

By developing an in-depth understanding of your end-product requirements, we can create a complete solution to meet your needs at every step in the further processing chain.

RevoCrumb coating equipment


Unbeatable coverage and consistency

Our coating equipment leads the way in product coverage and consistency, coating virtually any type of fish product. Whether you’re coating natural or formed products, our innovative systems will ensure gentle product handling, the best raw material utilization and perfectly even crumb distribution.

We have equipment for pre-dust, wet and dry coating, which can standalone or integrate into a full further processing line.

Coated whitefish fillet products


Perfect color, texture and taste - every time

Our integrated frying systems offer an optimal frying environment as well as oil management, filtration and storage. At the heart of the system lies a fryer equipped with an advanced heat management system, which creates a uniquely stable frying climate to produce uniformly fried products with the perfect color, texture and taste and exceptional coating adhesion.


Maximum yield and product uniformity

With over 30 years of experience in heating technology, we can provide all the support you need to get the best possible results from your oven.

Whether you’re steaming, cooking or roasting your products we can supply the right solution for you, from simple yet effective entry level systems through to top-of-the-range, industry leading technology, that lets you maximize yield and product uniformity.

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