Reduces the contamination of cattle carcasses and increases their shelf life.

  • Increase in carcass shelf life
  • Reduction in the superficial bacteriological level
  • Process approved in Europe, USA, Brazil and other countries


The carcass presents an increase in its shelf life and reduction of the general level of bacteria on its surface after going through the treatment process of the SULMAQ's Sprinkler, with lactic acid solution. 

To achieve these positive results, SULMAQ's AcidSpray performs an automatic sprinkling by means of a special metering pump, which sprays the acid evenly throughout the carcass. The equipment also has a system to perform the homogenization of the mixture, further improving the quality of the process. 

The exclusive and efficient system of collection and exhaustion of the Sprinkler performs the removal of the mist formed by water and acid from the environment, making it safer and preventing corrosion of other devices near the equipment. 


  • Guides for positioning the carcasses
  • Lactic acid mixing and control system
  • Heating system with  water mixer
  • Special stainless steel sprinkler nozzles, resistant to the action of lactic acid
  • Sensor for identification of carcass input and sprinkler triggering
  • Automatic heating, pumping and  lactic acid dosing system
  • Water-driven doser for a more precise and consistent concentration of lactic acid; easily adjusts to the desired concentration





AcidSpray A3  


AcidSpray A4  


AcidSpray A6  


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