Modular cut-up solution with easy manual hanging

  • Operational simplicity with highest efficiency
  • Easy shackling of products
  • High reliability and durability
  • Optimal flexibility
  • Low cost of ownership


The ACM-EH cut-up system is the perfect solution for markets where an easy manual infeed of chilled whole products is high on the agenda. The design of the EH (Easy Hanging) product carriers facilitates hang-in considerably and prevents drop-outs.


Marel has made it easy to manually shackle products for cut-up after water chilling; it only asks for purely ergonomic movements of the operators who don't need specific skills. As a result, processors have much more flexibility in assigning the hanging task to different employees. In addition, very low cost of ownership is achieved.

Superior turning mechanism

The EH product carrier design features a superior turning mechanism. Its design is a proven concept with very smooth movements while turning. Products don't swing around but stay harmoniously in line. The ACM-EH cut-up system keeps very close control of all movements despite the high speed.

Low maintenance

The reliability of the ACM-EH cut-up system is unequaled. It will perform consistently with utmost stability. It will keep running under the harshest circumstances, without any product loss increase. Corresponding to this, maintenance requirements of the ACM-EH cut-up system are very low. Replacement of parts is hardly needed; the stainless steel product carriers won't show any signs of wear in the long run. Even if there may be a flaw, it is easy to repair an EH shackle. It features very few moving parts and its durability is far beyond expectations. It is also very easy to clean the EH cut-up shackle, due to its open construction.

Extensive range of modules

The ACM-EH cut-up system is an all-in-one modular portioning solution which takes processing to a new level of profitability. Processors can make a choice out of a large variety of modules available to produce the required end products. An ACM-EH system always comprises modules for wing processing, breast processing and leg processing. Particularly fit for the ACM-EH system is the EZYield LegProcessor, assuring efficient, anatomical leg cutting with high yield. Every single ACM-EH cutting module operates with utmost precision, generating the most profitable products.


  • High uptime with stable performance
  • High efficiency
  • High reliability and durability
  • Superior turning mechanism
  • Low maintenance needed
  • Low costs of ownership
  • Easy hanging of products
  • Easy cleanability


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