Batch Hair Removal Device

Optimum quality of pig hair removal

  • Excellent hair removal quality, no damages and cuts in the carcass
  • Water temperature control
  • Equipped with PLC and HMI
  • Great durability, reliability and low maintenance


The Batch Hair Removal Device is developed to perform the pig hair removal in a fast and efficient way. With processing capacity of 60 to 240 pigs up to 150 kg, per hour. Thanks to the width of 2800 mm, the equipment is able to perform a quality hair removal in ranges of up to 350 kg. Safe and hygienic, it has fixed protections and safety ropes to protect the operator, side doors and tipper locks, which allow easy access for cleaning. 

Depending on the type of scalding, the animal is inserted into the Batch Hair Removal Device by a hook or pneumatic weaner cradle. The pig goes through inside of the hair removal process, using rollers with scrapers of sanitary material for a pre-defined time. At the end of this cycle, the pig is automatically removed from the Batch Hair Removal Device to continue the process. 


  • Thermally treated pins and tips
  • Motor reduction with direct transmission on the shaft
  • Larger pigs also receive a quality hair removal
  • Side doors that allow easy access for inspection and preventive maintenance
  • Pneumatic system avoid compressed air dependency, less failures
  • The new automatic adjustment system ensures that there are no carcass rejection due to damage to the hair removal process



         Batch Hair Removal Device 60 - 1 roll 


Batch Hair Removal Device 240 - 2 rolls 


Batch Hair Removal Device 120 - 2 rolls 


         Batch Hair Removal Device 120 - 1 roll 


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