Continuous Dehairing

Excellent quality in the pig hair removal, in a continuous and efficient way

  • Excellent hair removal pattern, with no damages and cuts to the carcass, ears and paws
  • Removal of most of the hair removal trimmings
  • Safe and easy to clean, with safety devices and hygienic design


The Continuous Dehairing machine is developed to perform the hair removal from pigs. With a capacity of 200 to 600 pigs per hour, the equipment is able to perform hair removal of animals up to 350 kg. The pigs are introduced into the interior individually and are automatically guided through the action of the hair removal rollers to their exit. The process time can be adjusted according to the customer's demand, avoiding excoriations in the animals. 

The equipment has an exclusive operation mode for cleaning, in which the rollers operate at low speed, reducing the risk of accidents and making cleaning easier. In addition, the hair removal devices have a system that does not allow the door opening during the operation, increasing the safety of the work environment.


  • Security locks on the doors
  • Recirculation system that reduces operating costs
  • Robust equipment with high reliability and low maintenance
  • Designed not to accumulate hair, facilitating sanitization
  • Dimensioned to transport belts or scrapers that eventually fall into the hair removal device



Continuous Dehairing 200 


Continuous Dehairing 260 


Continuous Dehairing 300  


Continuous Dehairing 400 


Continuous Dehairing 520 


Continuous Dehairing 600 


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