• Turkey specific defeathering method
  • Better defeathering results
  • Higher efficiency


Immediately after the scalding process the turkeys are at the right temperature to be plucked. They have to be defeathered properly according to the demands of the customer: leaving epidermis on or off.

Attack pluckers

Attack pluckers form the start of any plucking system. They can do the tough initial labor as the first plucker in line, removing as many feathers as possible.

The principle of the Counter Rotating-T attack plucker/picker is particularly fit for the characteristics of turkey feathers and skin. It features two axles with discs containing plucking/picking fingers; some discs rotate clockwise, others counterclockwise.

Counter rotating technology reduces energy consumption

Counter rotation ensures optimum plucking/picking results with higher efficiency. That's why it is possible to reduce the number of machines, resulting in lower energy costs.


After attack plucking, pluckers/finishers are used to remove remaining feathers from specific critical parts of the turkey, like the wings or the tail. Pluckers/finishers are able to accurately target at any area to accomplish a perfect defeathering.

Therefore finishers feature more plucking discs with less fingers per disc. The compact plucking fields closely follow the contours of the product from hocks to wing tips, allowing all areas to be plucked effectively at very high line speeds.


Dedicated washers/finishers in the plucking line finalize the process. They remove and wash off loose feathers and other remains, using extra-long plucking fingers and water, to deliver a clean and hygienic product.

Whether a washer/finisher is needed depends on the scalding method before, the cooling method afterwards and the demands from the market.

Product range

  • Attack plucker
  • Counter Rotating Plucker
  • Plucker/Finisher
  • Washer/Finisher
  • Quill puller
  • Tendon puller
  • Feet cutter
  • Optimum solution for turkey defeathering, for all production capacities
  • Adjustable disc speeds and adaptable plucker/picker banks 
  • Fully and easily adjustable for male and female turkeys 
  • Precise temperature control for consistent, efficient overall defeathering
  • Ventilated motors and discs prolong drive motor life
  • Controlled temperature and air flow though the cabinets
  • Robust stainless steel construction 
  • Easy to set, maintain and clean
  • Hygienically optimal layout


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